Hakai-ou: King of Crusher

Hakai-ou: King of Crusher

released on Dec 31, 1998

Hakai-ou: King of Crusher

released on Dec 31, 1998

You are a Japanese salary man, normal in every way... except that you've just been bitten by an evil space insect, turning you from a regular man into a rage-fueled monster. Destroy anything you can to fill your dopamine gauge, and reach the end of the stage to continue your transformation from a normal human into an enormous kaijuu monster, all the while avoiding the police and the military trying to stop you.

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Another obscure game where you run around as a monster destroying cities. In this PS1 jankfest you’re a frustrated Japanese man who is gifted powers that grow with his rage and runs around causing ever-increasing destruction.

It’s immensely frustrating, barely responsive, ugly as hell and the music gave me a headache, but that honestly feels like it might be intentional? I think there’s a chance that this game’s purposefully being frustrating for the sake of showing that giving in to anger would just lead to an empty spiral of destruction and pain… or maybe it’s just a weird ass kusoge. Had fun with it, though. I recommend it.

The bigger levels with tons of enemies firing at you are just a little too annoying for me to really want to finish the whole thing, but in concept and otherwise execution this is primo kusoge. You should have to play this before you're allowed to use the term. The Anti-Katamari.

You know how people say the torture in MGS was genius because at the same time Ocelot was torturing Snake, he was also torturing you through the minigame? Well, that, but imagine a whole game based on that.

Although the controls were actually physically painful for me at times, i still think the whole experience was worth it. The weirdness of it, the kusogeness of it, and even the wholesome-y moral of the story is just so unique.

I have spent years trying to remember what the fuck this game was and now that I have, I can finally say things about it.

First off, this is way more trippier than I remember it being and it's so strange that I associate pickled onions with this game. I played this during an era when all I had was my PS1. I would play so many obscure PS1 games and this was among the most memorable purely because of eating pickled onions at the time.

What can I say about the game honestly? I don't know, but I'm so glad I have remembered it.

i dont care how bad the controls are