Persona 4

released on Jul 10, 2008

An entry in the JRPG/visual novel hybrid Persona series in which the player has to harness the power of Personas and fight entities called Shadows by forging bonds with the locals of Inaba, a rural Japanese town thrown into unrest by inexplicable murders committed under cover of foggy weather and rumours of a television channel said to broadcast mysterious images on rainy nights.

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A Persona game where you're actually friends

One of my favorite RPGs of all time, if only it were golden

Japanese Haddington simulator, where is the Mercat?

O jogo é simplesmente perfeito em tudo que se propõe, com poucos problemas que viriam a ser resolvidos posteriormente na sequencia, a exemplo as dungeons levemente repetitivas em construção: sem corredores retos. Mas de resto, uma maravilha de jogo