Persona 4

released on Jul 10, 2008

An entry in the JRPG/visual novel hybrid Persona series in which the player has to harness the power of Personas and fight entities called Shadows by forging bonds with the locals of Inaba, a rural Japanese town thrown into unrest by inexplicable murders committed under cover of foggy weather and rumours of a television channel said to broadcast mysterious images on rainy nights.

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I played Persona 4 after P5, and my love for this game has stood up to this day. The small town of Inaba has something mysterious going on, and in the midst of it, you have to come to find your true selves.
I love everything about P4's themes and meanings. Characters struggling to find themselves, or pretending to be something they're not just to form to society. While some aspects don't exactly age well (sorry yosuke I love you), the deepee themes of this game are still relatable today.
Persona 4 is a much calmer game than I expected. Themes like "your affection" and "heartbeat, heartbreak" are a cozy alternative to the action we're used to. Inaba isn't a big city, so it feels much more close-knitted, making the suspense personal.
The gameplay is super fun here as well. Persona fusion and elemental attacks are great to utilize, and the dungeons fitting character themes is really nice.
There's a lot I could say about this game. It's deeply connected to me and will forever stand as one of my favorite games of all time.

as corny as it sounds if i had the option to play this game for the first time id take the opportunity

is kinda good at times ig
this game was so boring i unironically fell asleep playing once