Pikmin 2

released on Apr 29, 2004

In Pikmin 2, Captain Olimar returns to the planet he was originally stranded on, to collect trinkets for his failing company to sell back at home. The game features a 2-character mechanic, which allows players to switch between two spacemen while collecting items. Two-player co-op challenge missions and a competitive mode are also available.

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wouldve been better than the first if not for the caves

This game to me is so wonderful, the combat is so satisfying to pull off and can actually be rather hard at times. The curveballs that the game throws at you with the different things in each dungeon, with each new enemy type. All the designs are endearing, what little story there is charming. If you played Pikmin 1 and especially enjoyed the combat, you'll love this game.

It really is just more Pikmin, which will either make you elated or disappointed. Just goes to show how times have changed - in the current age of DLC, Pikmin 2 would have been unacceptable as a standalone release.

You will either really fucking love this game, or really fucking hate this game. (Un)fortunately I am of the latter camp, having thought so before a certain Youtube creator made that opinion more popular.
It just doesn't mesh well with the other mainline installments, and I hope Pikmin 4 doesn't repeat the same mistakes with its re-introduction of caves.

This game gave us Louie, I bought a Louie plushie just to beat it up xD