Explore an alien world like no other in the third edition of Nintendo's strategic adventure series. In Pikmin 3, players take command of three explorers and a legion of adorable Pikmin in a fight for survival. By employing the unique abilities of these tiny Pikmin creatures, players will solve puzzles, battle dangerous predators, and recover food needed to save the explorers’ depleted home planet.

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Excellent video game. Using the a wii remote + the gamepad, the game just feels so good. Being able to do nice and fluent movements with wii remote and then being able manage all my captains using the gamepad feels natural and intuitive and is probably the second best use of the gamepad behind mario maker. I didn't expect to enjoy the gameplay as much as I did, I expected it to be either to stressful or to laid back, but it found a great middle ground. The atmosphere and world definitely make you feel small and isolated, but also almost at home where your meant to be. Anyways, this is by no means a perfect game but its near flawless.

Personal favorite of the series, time management and efficiency return

Die Bosse sind teils irgendwie echt cool und dann wieder abfuck. Hat dennoch hart bock gemacht, controls waren echt gut nach Gewöhnung.

The best Pikmin game to speedrun for sure! The gamepad usage is actually good and makes “dandori” lots of fun.

However, the game is pretty easy and makes most of the difficultyhave to come from self imposed challenges like beating the game fast.

But still, it’s a good game

Way too easy of a Pikmin game. The time limit is back, but with one exception, the player adjusted time limit serves no threat. The game feels the need to constantly add cutscenes that take far too much time, especially compared to the silent and eerie nature of its two predecessors.

this happened to me last wednesday