Shrek 2

released on Jun 18, 2004

Game based on the second movie, developed by the makers of Vigilante 8. Shrek is on a journey to meet his in-laws, so Shrek 2 follows his adventure to Far Away Land and the chaos that ensues once Fiona's parents learn that their precious daughter is an ogre -- and is married to the crudest of them all. Shrek 2 features a mixture of puzzle solving and enemy bashing. Players are able to control one of four characters at any given time -- swapping between them at will. Each character has a set of basic attack moves and a special ability. Donkey has a "Burro Blast" that can knock down large objects, Shrek can pick up and throw heavy objects, and Fiona -- in a nod to her fight scene in the first movie -- can slow down time, Matrix-style.

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very solid as far as movie tie-in games go. great way to spend time with your younger siblings or cousins :)

5 stars for the third level where I spent dozens of hours in Far Far Away playing Grand Theft Shrek and I never progressed the story

Standard beatem up with all the frustration of the early star wars Lego games with multiple people playing. Has more charm than I was expecting and some parts were pretty fun when we weren’t constantly fighting the camera and clunky controls

Played this all the time with my sister and cousins, and always got stuck on the mongo level