Shrek Treasure Hunt

released on Nov 18, 2002

Players control Shrek on a quest to find ten missing picnic items stolen by the Three Blind Mice. The result is an adventure through ten different locales linked together by the swamp. Players guide Shrek from a third-person perspective as they avoid mischievous swamp critters trying to stun them. Each area contains a mini-game that will reveal one of the lost picnic items once completed. The catch? Shrek must first collect a specific number of items to gain access to the mini-game.

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A truly atrocious gaming experience. As a child, I can't remember it being that way, but I attempted to complete it in one session recently and had a horrible time. The way Shrek bounces off obstacles is infuriating, and every gameplay feature in the map seems utterly useless. I persevered with the pointless mini games, as infuriatingly difficult (due to the game's performance) or impotently easy as they were, only for my game to crash loading the final level. The worst game I have ever played.

Well, this certainly is a bad minigame collection that has a less-than-fun overworld to explore. Not even worth playing for the memes, sadly.

Absolutely godawful. Was torture to play through but i somehow managed. But the cg animations of win and lose save it from a half star

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Even the idea of this game alone sucks, let alone how it's executed. The Story is that Shrek decides to throw a picnic for Fiona, but the 3 BLIND mice were somehow able to steal everything, and Shrek has to get it back before Fiona arrives, Not only is the idea stupid, but it doesn't even make sense, Shrek would have caught the mice and had them say where everything is. The Graphics are garbage, you can barely tell what most things are, and stuff that could be a variety of things need more verification. The Gameplay is terrible, you run slowly around collecting items near each other, to do a minigame, that is basic, and in some moments don't make sense, like helping the 3 blind mice out when it's their fault you have to do all this, pushing Snow White off your table, in the middle of your hunt, and going fishing as well. Now I won't complain how the fishing technique Shrek uses is terrible, but what I will complain about is how he slowly pulls the line in even if the fish gets away, and the world is too big for a game with barely anything in it. Even the music is garbage, it's just the menu music whenever music is used, at it doesn't even match what happens in the game, the music sounds depressing, in a game where Shrek looking for picnic supplies. Shrek Treasure Hunt is the worst kind of Shrek game people could jokingly think up, doing nothing but wasting time on the lives of anyone who worked on it.

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When I Exited out of the platforming mini game Shrek entered a gray purgatory-ish void where he was stuck in a tpose position and forced to float around in the gray endless void. He tried to convince a purple orb to kill him but it was too late. Shrek was trapped in his endless debug afterlife. Pausing the game left to button prompts and the map screen turned to a loading screen, yet nothing would load. Shrek would have to live in the Grey void dimension for the rest of his life, as everything he loved faded away....
No really this actually fucking happened.