Shrek Extra Large

released on Oct 31, 2002

Shrek: Extra Large is packed with 10 levels, twisted fairy tale characters, cutscenes, and action-packed gameplay. Play as your favorite characters from the movie Shrek or as new fairy tale characters. In order to rescue Princess Fiona, you must explore 10 different fairy tale lands and compete in more than 50 missions. Your character can perform a variety of power moves such as punch, kick, grab, super-flatulance, and belch. When you're not in combat, you can watch 15 brand-new cutscenes.

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THEY NERFED SHREKS SPEED!"!!=!=!==!=!"=!3209492Q35403Q9+05

Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me

This review contains spoilers

The title always makes me laugh; the game just makes me shocked. The Story is that after the first movie, Fiona gets kidnapped by the ice queen and Shrek has to save her, not bad of an idea, but they execution of it all is written below.
The Graphics are basic, they don't look like they have any heart to them, just told to get it done, the world you explore feels like it has no life outside of story events, models are the worst they look like nothing, Shrek doesn't always emote right, and you can't even tell that the troll is a troll and not a living burnt oven. The Gameplay is terrible, movement is terrible, you feel like you dash out of control, when you move even slightly, and doesn't even feel like you run straight. When you jump the models, feet don't even press against the wall, lazy. Combat feels too fast and not natural and programmed to just punch, grab and kick them. You have to eat onions to build up your BURPS AND FARTS, YES, THIS GAME FARTS, and burps, why they thought that since Shrek does that so that would make it ok, is shocking, and should only be done as a cheap laugh to distract you from the rest of the gameplay. Why during narration can they get every other character you help voices, as bad as they all are, there are no decent performances in this game, even the narrator doesn't feel good, and yet they couldn't even get a voice for Shrek himself, I don't understand that. Also, the game over screen has Shrek crying, instead of you know injured, how-do-you-think-of-that-and-call-yourself-human? There's also this stupid mission where you eat an onion and have to hurry and use fire and your farts to explode what looks like a metal door apart, he doesn't bring the onion to save time, instead his farts work on a door, so he has to fart his way to Fiona.
and a mission where you can make it nighttime so a cow can come out so you can FART on him, see a pattern here, yes, your FARTS are important, and I still can't believe this game was designed with this The Music is NOT THERE. The Sounds are bad, don't sound like how they should, or what they should in some cases, some of those effects include... burps and farts. This game has given about the same quality that we have been hearing every time we press the R trigger.

this game is dogshit but when you jump out of bounds i SWEAR TO GOD Shrek will spawn INSIDE whatever console you are playing it on. No one fuckin ever believes me but there's a video on youtube where a toddler records it on a 1999 handheld video recorder i s2g

This game is only fun to speedrun. not casually