Shrek Super Party

released on Nov 16, 2002

Shrek: Super Party is a party video game released in 2002 by Mass Media. The game is based on the Shrek movie series. This game is also similar to Pac-Man Fever (which has the same developer) and the Mario Party series of games. The characters Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Lord Farquaad, Thelonius, and Monsieur Hood are available for play. Five realms are available for play, each with its own mini-games: The Keep, The Windmill, The Swamp, The Castle, and The Farm.

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I mean it when I saw that this game is nonsense. It makes very little sense, the rules feel like they're always changing... And the minigames are more difficult than entertaining. I can see where they were trying to go with this.. But it's a Mario Party clone that needed a little more time in the test tubes.

One of my college friends owns a copy of this game, and sometimes, they try to find every reason possible to play it around me because they know that I hate it.
Meme-y as I can get, this game is a torture chamber. Probably one of the worst things I've ever played.

Amigo es literalmente un Mario Party pero con Shrek y los personajes de muy muy lejano.

This review contains spoilers

This is a terrible licensed Party game. The Idea of the game is that you and 3 other characters from the Shrek universe play a party game for a chance to make a wish, this is actually a good story for a party game, and I will always defend that at least. The graphics are awful, the environment is below average, it barely has textures to enhance the world, and looks as if they didn't know how to, and the models are so bad, they are hideous, their heads are too big, and they show off the bad animations and designs of the characters faces even more we already could. The Gameplay is the same as Party games, except that the characters can compete on different boards instead of the same one, the dice is basically a magic ball spinning around and you click to have it drop in 1 of 9 squares which makes it way easier to get the number you want, if you land on another character, they are sent to a dungeon type of area they have to get out of before continuing, and you win not by making it to the end, but by starting off by collecting bugs, you get points for having multiple of the same bug, winning a match means you get 4 chances to swap bugs with others to benefit yourself well second place gets 2, after each round are new bugs, different bugs are worth different bug juice points, the first to a certain number of bug juice points win, the idea of having it be bugs is stupid, I know bugs fit Shrek, but when you think about it, they should have made it just a fairytale version of Party games, since Shrek is not the host, it's about multiple characters in the world, so it should match the world's system not Shrek's The party games are also ruined because most of them follow this system which turns these classic party ideas to trash, and the lily pad game, there are too many pads to land on meaning the scores will be very close to each other, . Music is alright and helps with the gameplay, but sounds are terrible, barely anything sounds like how it should. Shrek Super Party shows when a game creates a groundbreaking game idea, any franchise would love to make their own, no matter how much it will suck.

Definitely one of the games of all time, without a doubt

This fucking sucks. It's just so horrifying to look at. I still come back to this with other people just to revel in the shit.