Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

released on Nov 19, 2006

The single-player puzzle levels in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz have been designed to challenge gamers' skills like never before. For the first time in the Super Monkey Ball franchise, AiAi and his friends have the ability to jump when players flick the Nintendo Wii controller in an upward motion. The ability to jump has given game designers another dimension in which to expand the Super Monkey Ball gameplay experience and allows gamers a whole new way to interact with the franchise; this time in true three-dimensional fashion. The Party Games return with more variety than ever. An abundance of new Party Games have been designed to take advantage of the Wii controller in a multitude of ways. Gamers find themselves competing in a traditional game of ring toss, or even smacking pesky moles in a game of "Whack-a-Mole."

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Some of the worst mini-games you will ever play and boring levels with crappy motion controls. No reason to play this.

not as insanely bad as people say? it's honestly a mid monkey ball game rather than an outright bad one imo. The motion controls are kinda lame, yeah, but they work reasonably well enough to have the game be properly controlled plus the levels are more designed around the more imprecise control scheme. There's also a jump button for some reason, which is really a love it or hate it addition. I haven't played much of the minigames because my friends don't trust this game so can't say anything about that. If you have a wii and like monkey ball maybe give this a shot with an open mind?

Peak Monkey Ball. Wii version is better than the Switch remake.

While Super Monkey Ball is a classic and beloved series, Banana Blitz suffers greatly from bad motion controls. The Wiimote just wasn't up for the task of the accuracy required for these tilt stages- which leads to a really aggravating experience on the console. Banana Blitz was re-released in recent years for modern consoles and I'm sure with a traditional controller it's a much better game but on the Wii it just wasn't cutting it. At least there were a lot of decent multiplayer minigames to check out which were fun for a few hangouts as a kid.