The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

released on Apr 27, 2000

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, it utilizes the same engine and visual style as its predecessor. The game retains the traditional elements of Zelda games as well as those introduced in Ocarina of Time, such as active blocking with a shield, various throwing items, and the usage of melodies played on the ocarina to solve puzzles. Compared to the previous Zelda games, this installment is more oriented towards interaction with NPCs and has a larger variety of items, optional quests, and mini-games. It also includes a time system that spans three days, and this cycle must be reset periodically to progress through the game.

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Para mi el superior de los 2 de 64, todo me gustó más, desde las transformaciones hasta los enemigos y misiones.

Não tem jeito, é o melhor Zelda ainda. É impressionante como a nintendo consegue fazer um jogo maduro quando ela tenta, nem entrando no assunto sobre ser soturno ou coisa do tipo, mas as quests em si e até as sidequests mesmo que ridículas as vezes abordam temas bem emocionantes, o que é genialmente amplificado pela mecânica principal dos 3 dias. A trilha sonora continua fantástica e os visuais também ainda são bem charmosos.

Whether a parting be forever or merely a short time, that is up to you.

The last of the Zelda games that I streamed for my 200 follower celebration and what a game to end on!
The story is that Link is searching for Navi, hoping to find her and then gets another fairy to take her place for the way aiming works in the previous game, since it borrows the assets to the point of even seeing the same characters appearing over and over again!
Certain elements of this have led many fans to suggest that this game is actually set around Link's death, especially spoilers that I won't mention here for obvious reasons.
The game has a 3 in-game day cycle where the world will end as Majora will pull the moon down and destroy everyone, but you can reset time and most things are returned, but certain critical boss items defy the time and you can restart with them still in your possession. Same with the masks.
This rogue-lite way of using the game makes it last much longer and it took me MANY streams to finally finish the game and adding one more notch on my belt of another game finished!

O jogo tem um ótimo visual, com um enrendo mais pesado que o Ocarina, trazendo reflexões profundas. A jogabilidade é idêntica ao antecessor, as máscaras foram uma ótima adição, tornando bem interessante a jogabilidade. Em alguns momentos a mecânica dos três dias e o templo de água podem frustrar um pouco, mas, é um jogo excepcional.

incredible 3d zelda and my choice for best zelda game