World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

released on Nov 28, 2022

The dragonflights of Azeroth have returned, called upon to defend their ancestral home, the Dragon Isles. Surging with elemental magic and the life energies of Azeroth, the Isles are awakening once more, and it's up to you to explore their primordial wonder and discover long-forgotten secrets.
Master the art of Dragonriding, with a new form of aerial movement, venture into the ancient prison of the Primal Incarnates before their malevolent power can be unleashed against the Dragon Aspects in the new raid.
Fight to reclaim Neltharus, stronghold of the black dragonflight, explore previously unknown chambers of Uldaman, defend the Life Pools of the red dragonflight, and more! In new dungeons!

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Alexstrasza I am looking respectfully

probably the best expansion we've had since legion!!! seriously, i haven't been this excited about wow in a long time
as always the sound and art teams carried, but the leveling is probably the most fun i've had in any expansion, dragonriding feels absolutely incredible too. honest to god i want to be able to ride my dragon isles dragons everywhere else.
it's too early to say how the story's gonna be, but so far i have hope! i'm really liking how they're handling wrathion so far in particular. there's clearly tons of thought put into the worldbuilding, you can ask just about every named npc questions about their own personal history, like the meaning of their name and whatnot!
overall this expansion just feels like blizz is finally listening? sorry, this is just one big word vomit, but my patch 10.0 takeaway is that it's so refreshing.