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Got to level 69, but the story was so bland and boring I wasn't bothered to play anymore. Why are blizzard stories SO shit, they have the best art people in the world and their games usually play very well, why aren't the stories up to the same standard?

In wow terms this is probably the best expansion I've played in my time playing wow (started when bfa launched) however as far as the theme and story goes I don't care too much. however the gameplay feels much better then the last two so i could care less.

Tons of fun getting back into WoW with Dragonflight. Lots of streamlines to the gameplay and new features that were fun to explore (coming from someone who had just played Classic up until then).

The best state WoW has been in a really long time.
This is the second expansion since i started playing at WotLK that i didn't buy at launch, previous being Battle for Azeroth. But ever since coming back to WoW few weeks into this expansions life-cycle i've been having the best time in this game, a feeling that used to wear off pretty quickly in several of the previous expansions.
So far there have been no necessary grinds to do weekly (apart from running raid and M+ content but duh), you just get your gear and upgrade it with currency you get from those same activities as said gear. The new Dragonriding system has made travelling a joy again, going back to old world and flying like it's 2007 again feels extra outdated now that they implemented this system. Seasonally rotating Mythic dungeons are awesome, it keeps that part of endgame at the same freshness as raiding.
Leveling alts to maximum is better than ever, since you get weekly quests right from the get go when you enter the new zone. That was implemented back in Shadowlands but has now been available from the get-go. It still gets a bit stale after a few characters but this is still the best system to date.
I'd say it is a good mix of old-school style end-game progression with new stuff to do besides just raiding and Mythics (or PvP) if you feel like it. So far the rapid flow of patches compared to couple of previous expansions has you waiting less on them and playing more, if they keep this pace on releasing content i dare to say that this will be the first time in ages that i'll be subbed from (almost) beginning to the end of an expansion.

This really is a weird one, cause while I don't think it's terrible like Shadowlands it's certainly not that good either.
Dragonriding is ok, but it's just a poor man's version of something they ripped off from Guild Wars 2. The new talent system is an improvement, but so many talents on the classes I play feel so pointless they might as well not even exist.
Otherwise, the game is basically just more of the same and unfortunately it's still a game pretty much entirely focused on M+ and raiding while everything else is an afterthought, so if you don't do either of those your time is better spent on something else.

Alexstrasza is our new queen.
+The story was pretty good in comparison with older expansions.
+New dragon-riding mechanics improved the exploring and made it a lot of fun.
+Timewalking was necessary for newer players and they added it.
+New profession system works well. Though it seems likely that they will abandon it when the next expansion is out.
+Dragon Isles are full of side-quests and world-quests. Which makes it fun to explore.
-Faction renown system takes too much time. I don't have time for farming endlessly for just renown.
-It's too expensive. Just like any other WoW expansion.

fucking fell for it again, hey at least it's not shadowlands. holy shit.

Warcraft is too big and my relationship is too complicated to properly put into a concise review, but let me say this as a Retail hater for nearly 8 years:
This is the best Retail expansion in a post-Wrath world IMO. Best gameplay, best progression, and best end-game the game has been in a long, long, long time. Story and lore are very Warcraft without the edgelord shite we've had for a few years, and it's the healthiest the game has felt in a long, long time. This is hands down my favorite expansion outside of the Classic era.

Very fun and engaging new expansion. Story was meh but everything else was good.

with the last two xpaks being mid (BFA) and terrible (SL), we were bound for a "good" one eventually. probably a little early to rate this, but so far i'm pleasantly surprised with what dragonflight's delivered so far, especially after the stinker that was shadowlands. getting a lot of vibes i haven't felt since legion and pandaria, let's hope that momentum's kept in later patches!
probably might rate this half a star higher once more content comes out (and i get a computer that's actually capable of dragonriding at a framerate above single digits).
2/12/2023 EDIT: still a bit early to rate higher but now that i've gotten a better computer, yeah dragonriding's a blast and the trading post is a cute addition even if i'm not a huge fan of battlepass-like systems.
overall a very good and solid expansion so far, probably might be on par with legion once more content comes out. only real flaw imo is that the primalists kinda suck as antags. oh boy i always wanted the twilight's hammer again but lamer
7/13/23 EDIT: extra half-star coz yeah i think at this point i can safely say this is probably the best modern wow xpak. not sure how many major patches till we reach the end of this xpak, but there's a lot to enjoy as there is atm, and i honestly cannot see blizzard topping this in the next xpak.
this is the only modern wow expansion. is it "warcraft" at this point? hard to really say at this point in all honesty. but dragonflight is something that wow hasn't been since legion, and that is fun.

Here I come to waste few months without variety games !
**I quite like it that they mixed glimpses of some favorite zones from past expansions and created a good landscape for dragonriding.

impressions of WoW expansions this early on mean very little overall because what really matters is the long term support and patch cadence, but as it stands I'm actually having fun at every turn and cannot put it down which is simply something I could not say for the last two expansions whatsoever. It's easily the best since Legion and even then there's many aspects of this in its current state that completely outpace even that so far.
The Art team never misses a beat where WoW is concerned, but everything else has finally risen to meet the phenomenal quality of their work for the first time in years. Zone layouts are leaps and bounds above their Shadowlands counterparts thanks to everything being built around dragonriding which is itself one of the most compelling new features to date. The open world content is so vastly improved and legitimately engaging it hardly even feels like the same game, and the profession overhaul is an absolute delight. Narratively things are infinitely more interesting as well down to completely inconsequential side quests having more flavor than entire previous campaign chapters.
As apprehensive as I've been given the state of the game in recent years as well as the completely reprehensible garbage fire that is Blizzard as a company it's honestly just nice to see a game you used to love living up to its true potential again. There's a ton of promise across each and every inch of the Dragon Isles and if the consistency is there throughout the full expansion cycle it'll be a tremendous step in the right direction.

I mean, it's better than shadowlands at least...
Dragonriding is so good!

Después de Shadowlands daba bastante miedo lo que podía pasar con Dragonflight, pero fue un inicio de expansión que nos sorprendió a todos. Aún así, para mí no fue suficiente. La trama de esta expansión nunca me terminó de enganchar. Una pena.

Dragonflight is actually a very underrated expansion in my opinion. Dragon riding is so fun and I'm so happy they enabled it in the rest of the world. Also customizing your dragon mounts is so fun. Everyone's dragons look different.

Having returned to playing WoW again since Legion, this expansion feels like a breath of fresh air. Although I wasn't initially familiar with many changes in the game, my years of experience helped me catch up.
The reintroduction of the old talent tree was a significant improvement, offering diverse playstyle choices for different players. While the Dragon Isles is a decent zone, it may be more appreciated by new players; for seasoned players, it doesn't stand out compared to other amazing places in Warcraft.
The only downside is the repetitive open-world content, with the usual world bosses that everyone flies around to kill. It would have been more exciting if there was only one World Boss and the rest were daily interesting objectives, rather than just high HP NPCs to slay.
Renown Factions was quite fun, but only around the first 2 months, once completed, it doesn't offer anything relevant to the game.
PvP has been disappointing, despite the helpful addition of Solo Shuffle for both old and new players. The class balance and the lack of fun in PvP make it a horrible experience, and the reward system is one of the worst in the game.
Mythic+ and Raiding seem okay, with two seasons already passed, offering interesting loot upgrades and well-designed Tier Sets that players can look forward to. Vault of the Incarnates was particularly exceptional, featuring enjoyable boss fights and engaging lore. Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible was so good on paper and the hype build around it. If not for the upgrade system changes, its loot distribution between bosses makes players leave and nitpick which part of the raid they want to join, it had very boring bosses with horrible fight mechanics.
After two seasons, the game feels good but not enjoyable. In the future, I hope Blizzard focuses on making the game more accessible to everyone; currently, WoW feels more like a job. Many hidden details in the game are inaccessible to casual players who don't search for guides or have experienced friends. It seems impossible for this game to be played by non-avid WoW fans, and even some loyal fans are giving up. The game's demands to play every day create the feeling of a job rather than an enjoyable experience.
Currently, World of Warcraft is running Cosmetics Giveaway, which is quite different from the MMORPG we used to love.

Is this Zoomer lore?
After Shadowlands it's hard to get invested into the world. The current game is so far removed from what it was, even if it's an improvement over Shadowlands, that magic of what made WoW for me is just gone (and not coming back).
Levelling is also entierly butchered and there's no balance to it outside of the BFA zone or Chromie Time (which new accounts can't do*). You level so fast you jump entire continents worth of levelling before finishing a zone. Grouping up and syncing with friends makes this even more strange. The new talents are nice, but it seems odd that they are even set up in such a way when you blast through levelling anyway so the reward of unlocking one at each level feels largely redundant. Genuinely, I understand the argument that they may as well just remove character levels at this point.
*Update: They removed this restriction, but it doesn't change my rating of the expansion. Current WoW is still like going back to a childhood theme park only to find every ride you liked has been replaced.

You might be onto something blizzard but I'm still sketched

I'm still playing it, leveling up alts and trying out some Mythic dungeons. It's better than Shadowlands, but anything would be better than Shadowlands, I think. On a side note, when are they just going to say 'fuck it' and retcon that entire expansion?
Regardless, Dragonflight has some cool new features, but it's still got that good ol' jank and general lack-of-polish that I've come to expect from modern day Blizzard. The main story is entirely nonsensical, as per usual, but I like some of the zones and side stories. My main class, Priest, feels pretty good to play too.
We'll see where it goes. I probably won't play for too long.

Honestly? So far, this expansion has been pretty darn good. The new Evoker class is really good and the Dracthyr's a fun race. (Though I find they take damage way too easily.)
The story's...better this time. There's still a few plot points that aren't great but most of it is pretty solid. Especially with Metzen coming back. (GREEN JESUS!)
I love the new zones. The levelling was so much fun and the ambience from each zone made it really good. The Primalist enemies are tough to fight but that shows how threatening they are.
As for the instances. They're good. Though most of the ones I do, people just rush through them like they're speedrunning this bitch. Gotta keep up. Kek.
Dragonriding is epic. The courses are so much fun and very enjoyable. Very dope.
So yeah. This expansion is good so far. Fingers crossed now the endgame delivers when it wraps up. Hopefully, this is the expansion that brings WoW back from the ashes.
I hope...

I really enjoy this Expansion! I'm more of a casual player but I do sink a lot of time into the game whenever a new Addon comes out.
This feels like everything I hoped the game would become after the exhausting end of Shadowlands.

WoW: Dragonflight 10.0
- Back to a healthier game environment with no forced time-gated grind
- The new talents trees, which give many classes their best compilation
- The Dragonriding, fun and already indispensable
- Awesome soundtrack, as always
- Plenty of side open-world activities
- The expansion game-designs are friendly to secondary characters (rerolls)
- The game engine desperately needs to be upgraded. The lack of shaders, realistic lightning and proper render of distance make the game half as beautiful as it could really be. The art-team's work deserve better.
- The new continent could have been larger, more spacious, and could have used additional zones
- The open-world content (quests, events, grinds, etc) are pretty basic and not so fun
- Professions feels a bit bloated with items, recipes, skills, etc
- The lore is on the weak side, but can't say I care that much

I really love WoW, but fell big time after Battle for Azeroth. Dragonflight streamlines so much bullshit that is outdated, and also is really forgiving with catchup mechanics.
Playing a dungeon or raid with friends is maybe one of a kind experience on gaming today, but it still gives me the FOMO pretty hard.
I will always have a soft spot for WoW and everything I did on this game (playing since 2008). But it is kinda hard juggle adult life and this game.

I've been playing Dragonflight since it launched a few weeks ago.
There are obviously things to say about how people perceive the opening weeks of any WoW expansion (as some may have already mentioned on here) and how they are always strong for about a month before seasonal and endgame rot/fatigue set in. Whether that pertains to Dragonflight remains to be seen, but ever since people hit level 70 and began engaging with the endgame, there have been slight grumblings within the community about the endgame feeling threadbare and directionless. This is likely due to the design shift away from Borrowed Power and Artifact Power (see: Destiny Light Level) grinds that have typified the past few expansions and more towards evergreen features and non-mandatory endgame content outside of dungeon/PvP/casual world gearing. Rather than activities that award direct player power, they have chosen to sprinkle open-world activities that fill reputation bars that steadily unlock cosmetic options and profession recipes and an odd piece of gear or two. It's a brave move on Team 2's part, but something that the community has been clamoring for for years, and I think they have mostly succeeded in creating an engaging endgame that lacks the mundane check-listing and hand-holding that we've seen in WoW since Legion. On the other hand they have made a lot of content that would've been mandatory in other expansions optional, and have retrofitted the trademark grind onto the profession system with a slow paced and more player-involved progression in an attempt to make crafting a viable avenue for endgame. While initially it appears that there is nothing to do at max level, if you seek out and engage with the open world activities and enjoy their rewards, then there is much to do both for solo players and groups (more incentivized now than ever) in areas like the Primalist Future, Cobalt Assembly, Obsidian Citadel, and events like the Iskaara Community Feast and Grand Hunts. I prefer gearing by playing through my avenue of content and being rewarded for it, and I've enjoyed the large player counts in the open world activities. As for the professions, I sympathize with frustrations about profession knowledge being grindy and slow and material requirements being high, but this is likely to improve as players get the hang of the new mechanics.
Design decisions aside, I think that Blizz have done a really decent (if reasonably safe) job of creating four distinct, large, interconnected zones that are visually and artistically above anything they've made since Legion. The questing is snappy and the writing is well done, with a few standout moments in both the main campaign and sidequests. The music is also fantastic though I wish they were more ballsy about their leitmotif usage like they were in Legion. The reworked talent trees are mostly a very fun success that give depth to WoW's lightning quick tab-targeting system and gives the class design a distinct edge on it's closest competitors.
It's wise to watch this space in regards to how things progress, as things often are with MMOs, but as of this writing they are currently testing and implementing even more features that radically change how players engage with WoW (i.e the Trading Post system). I'll update when the expansion wraps up, but so far, things are looking up and WoW hasn't been this player friendly and responsive to feedback in years, which is refreshing! While this is all great, Dragonflight stands on it's own with great zone design and world activities and strong gameplay.

imagine paying a monthly fee to work for the opportunity to pull a slot machine with the hope it lets you do the stuff you're actually paying for. would say this couldn't be me but alas, once again
i always thought i was an outlier here, in that i never enjoyed the gear grind that mmo players assume is there to "get your money's worth" (i could not believe my eyes when i saw people clamoring for the return of daily quests over weeklies,) but i'm realizing these people are actually broken and this design is prohibiting a different audience from forming, for reasons that anyone who's been turned off from playing one already understands
these games feature genuinely interesting blends of cooperative puzzle solving and choreography you can't get elsewhere, and it's all locked behind the most bloated tedium you could possibly imagine. it's so frustrating to not be able to share this kind of experience with others. once again asking for a saint to prove you can do it without the trappings of this garbage

Review do Lançamento - Terminado a main quest e quase todas sides:
Esse lançamento deu ânimo para voltar a jogar WoW. O leveling foi disertíssimo e o sistema de draconaria é algo que deve ser mantido.
Lore ok, nada tão grandioso e o que gosto, algo mais pé no chão dentro de Azeroth.