Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

released on Dec 08, 2016
by Sega

Step into Japan's criminal underworld in this explosive action brawler starring legendary yakuza, Kazuma Kiryu, who is hellbent on unraveling the truth around his daughter's tragic accident.

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Amazing conclusion to now one of my favorite character of all time. Kiryu's journey has been an unforgettable one and I'm glad I saw it till the end (for now at least)
There were parts of the game that I definitely hoped were better, the middle act was quite weak and gameplay/mechanic wise it is the worst of all the Yakuza games I played, coming of Yakuza 5 which had some of the best side activities this one also felt the most lacking in side content. But I absolutely love the entire first half the last chapter to bits. From start to end the game looks as good as a movie and is packed with raw, hard hitting moments that left me an emotional wreck. There's boss fights but the ones that are in this game are really memorable. Someya and Iwami were two amazing antagonists and are once again perfect foils to Kiryu in this ending. There are so many things brought up like the themes of parenthood the overarching legacy of the Yakuza and you really get to feel the weight and consequence behind it, really makes me reflect on the past games and a lot of the characters with different ideologies and resolves throughout the series.
I really like Onomichi as a city, usually not a big fan of countryside settings but it's a interesting city to explore and has its charm, especially love most of the substories set there. I think its also because I really love Yuta, Nagumo and the gang, it feels for the first time Kiryu truly found a group of people he belongs with not tied to any of his Tojo past. Seeing Kiryu finally getting the accept a new family was heartwarming, not to mention the ending is absolutely phenomenal and I cried like a real man.
This game is short for a Yakuza finale, but in the time it had it made me feel so much. As the swan song of resolving Kiryu Kazuma, the legendary Dragon of Dojima as a character, I was definitely left satisfied.

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great send-off to Kiryu! i sure hope they don't give him major roles in any upcoming sequels!

i liked the combat and the story, so yeah it was pretty good overall

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I'm very torn on this one. I really liked it, but it doesn't quite feel finished. The main plot feels rushed, especially towards the end of the game. I did, however, really enjoy the characters. I didn't really mind the gameplay shift in the new engine as much as other people I've talked about the game with either. Playing this one did make me miss the other playable characters, though.
All that aside I didn't really like the ending. While I really enjoyed what they did with Kiryu's character I don't like how it ended with him still alive. Feels like an absolute cop-out and kinda soured how I feel about the game as a whole. Saying that, watching Kiryu walk away from the orphanage made me ugly cry, and there's not a whole lot of games that have made me do that.

Due to some very severe technical issues on my PS4 - dropping this, watching the remaining story on Youtube, and moving on to Judgment or 7 honestly. I can't bring myself to play this game when it's nuked variable amounts of my progress twice, softlocked 5 different unique times, has been crashing on autosave, and generally feels sluggish due to input delay.
I might come back to this another day if I grab this game on PC, but I just cannot bring myself to finish this game on PS4. I will try to rate this game the best I can because of this - but it does take in to fact that I was not clicking with the gameplay in the slightest and the story was not as strong as previous games.
Edit: Story was phenomenal still, despite not being strong as a game like 0 or 5. Got a little tear-y at the end there. Good ending for Kiryu's saga story-wise.

i have ONE complaint: where the fuck was majima