Ys I & II Chronicles+

released on Feb 14, 2013

Ys I & II Chronicles+ is the most modernized and up-to-date remake of Falcom’s classic franchise-spawning action RPGs from 1987 and 1988. Come see how the story began, and witness the birth of a legend!

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First game's final boss is 80% luck and 20% skill what the heck.

The OST goes so fucking hard man. The combat in 1 is weirdly addicting 2 on the other hand is a bit slower with the fireball system not say its bad. Exploration and puzzle solving is pretty fun if a bit primitive and archaic now. Both of these games have some of the greatest boss designs of their era.

Un inicio maravilloso a una franquicia maravillosa. Recomiendo encarecidamente que, a pesar de ser juegos muy arcaicos, le deis una oportunidad. Tiene un sistema de combate muy propio y extraño, pero en el momento que os acostumbráis se hace muy divertido.

I prefer the TurboGrafx CD Version of Ys I but this was still great. Save for Dark Fact on Nightmare. Unlike the remake of Ys 1, I think Nightmare difficulty actually improves Ys II from a gameplay standpoint. I enjoyed bosses in the TurboGrafx-CD version of Ys 1, meanwhile I steamrolled in Ys II. The higher difficulty options in this version make a lot of fights in the first game far more frustrating than they need to be whereas in the second they actually provide a fun challenge. Would recommend anyone who wasn't too hot on an older version/lower difficulty of Ys II to give Nightmare a shot.

Ys I last boss was such a pain in the ass.
Ys II was better in every single way, but both are still kind of ok.