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they don't make em like they used to

I started this just to test out the Enhanced Edition and 6 hours later I was crying because of the letter all over again. As an experience, I think its basically perfect. An absolute masterwork of storytelling. Still haven't played Born From a Wish.

SH2 is mid but this mod is one of the best I've ever seen. Completely remasters the game for modern PCs which makes playing it feel absolutely sublime. Hope 3/4 get something like this in the future.

Não quero dissertar sobre mas esse jogo é mitada

A slowly accelerating internal nightmare. That's all, the game gives quite powerful feelings that allow you to survive in such a short period of time the loss of life and the suffering in it.

Медленно разгоняющийся внутренний кошмар. На этом все, игра дает достаточно мошные чувства, которые позволяют пережить за столь короткий период времени потерю жизни и страдания в ней.

The modders responsible for this touch up of an absolute classic like Silent Hill 2 deserve all the praise they can get. Truly an incredible project that helps preserve an absolutely legendary entry in the survival horror genre that Konami has failed to preserve themselves over the years.

Harika hikaye, harika atmosfer.

Truly a fascinating approach to a sequel to the original Silent Hill. It does away with the direct cult shenanigans centric narrative of the first one and focuses instead on a purely internal and personal psyche-based plot. And honestly there isn´t much of plot here, which works in favor of what the game is trying to do and say.

Right now I feel like I like this approach to Silent Hill better. Here the surrealism and insanity doesn´t just come from a supernatural presence, it´s internal and more up in the air with its reasoning and motivations. More obtuse I would say, and doesn´t really want to give answers to its events, which I like and appreciate. It’s through this approach that it clearly becomes a more mature experience than its predecessor.
The David Lynch inspiration comes easily. There´s this uncanny sheen to every element of this game’s story and overall structure. An uncanniness that I tend to associate with the surreal and zany elements of Lynch’s oeuvre. But because of its nature as a digital interactive medium, the ‘videogame-ness’ of it all adds an extra, very particular, layer of weirdness and surrealism to the experience.

While most locations didn´t necessarily feel as fresh or shocking as they are fairly similar to what is to be found in the previous game (excepting some really fascinating ones in the latter section of this one), the characters are a clear standout. They feel developed, interesting and memorable in a way no character in Silent Hill 1 felt. Obviously, this is all the more clear with the player controlled character. Here James is a real protagonist, with an arc, and actual three dimensionality as a person. Even Mary, the fridged wife, has more of a personality than any character in SH1.

In terms of gameplay, it´s very simple and pretty much identical to SH1, you’ll walk around, read clues, pick up useful items, check your map, solve a puzzle here, solve a riddle there, kill a monstrous abomination with a steel pipe or a gun, stomp on it a little to really make sure its dead. Not hard per se, just kind of obtuse like pretty much every other game of this type that released around this time. But exploration is fun, and spooky and the environments are so rich and detailed that it’s worth it.

You are mostly here for the story, the scary atmosphere, the truly fucked up designs and environments, and I must make special mention of the musical score, which absolutely fucks hard. It’s some insanely good music, some of the best ever written for the medium, and an album that now listen to often.
A horror game that knows how to deliver a proper gut punch. I loved the ending I got this time around, and the final letter that plays before the credits just destroyed me.

‘Born from a wish’ is short, so play it too, but it doesn’t really add anything all that interesting. I guess it worked as a bonus for certain game editions at the time of its release, but pretty much non essential.

I played the Enhanced Edition on PC, at 60 fps, and it plays and looks flawlessly. It feels like a modern port pretty much, this must be the best way to play this game today. I’m extremely curious about this new remake that is being developed by Bloober Team, as I truly do not understand how you remake this game for modern audiences without changing plenty of stuff that make it special and would fundamentally alter any experience one could have with it. I’m not saying it would be bad, I just don´t believe that it would be a superior experience, nor the definitive one as with the Resident Evil 2 Remake, just a very different one that I’m very much looking forward to trying out.

Sillent hill 2 é um dos melhores jogos de terror psicologico e disparado o melhor da franquia silent hill por ter uma historia muito boa e principalmente por ela não ter o foco principal em um "culto" mas sim em traumas, abordando questões pesadas como estupro, assassinato, bullying e depressão, as criaturas do jogo são formadas pelos traumas dos personagens como as memorias reprimidas e a ansiedade sexual do James, o sofrimento da Angela e os pensamentos homicidas do Eddie. Ja falando sobre a versão do jogo, é a melhor que tem para jogar, com melhorias graficas, no audio, controles, recomendo para todo mundo

an amazing silent hill game with a great story to tell and an amazing atmosphere

In my restless dreams, I see that town... What can I say about this game? After playing the first game, it was a big decision to play another Silent Hill back to back, I am so happy to have the opportunity to experience this piece of art, a videogame that made fall in love with the psychological horror genre.

Initially it was planned the gameplay would be on my Steam Deck PCSX2 emulator but the film grain or whatever it's called really bothered me. So the decision was unanimous and decided to try the PC Enhanced Edition mod, and might as well be the best SH2 experience available, it shows that they picked the PC version and made it better in every possible way. Really happy to get to experience the game in this way, the team assigned to do this remake better up their game because this version is the bombs.

The music does it for me, before even playing Silent Hill I would jam the playlist without knowing a single song, and when the playthrough was starting I just felt this nostalgia as I had played the crappy PS3 version before (a portion of it).

From the music, to the atmosphere, scary and sad moments: this game has a special place in my heart, please play it.

An absolute win in terms of design, storytelling, sound design and especially atmosphere. This game is what happens when there is passion in dedication. You see, I used to wonder why even though Marvel movies may be serviceable or some big budget games are kinda fun they're just not amazing, this game opened my eyes to that. They lack pure passion and talent. When something is made with love, you can just feel it, that's exactly what happened with this game, every minute was just oozing with love and care. After looking at the "making of" I can see why. These guys knew what they were doing, even if people have creativity these days and even nice ideas, they lack vision. They lack the ability to set their sights on a target properly and go for it with all that they have, that's what I think at least. Games need not be 80+ hours long, this 8 hour game showed me that quality is ALWAYS better than quantity.

Let's start from the base, the thing that holds everything together and the main attraction, the story and especially the characters. Each character serves a purpose, shows what's happening in the story and the main character here is the perfect example of doing a protagonist correctly, ESPECIALLY for this medium. What's the best part of this game is not just its story but how this story takes advantage of the fact that it is not a movie, a novel nor a comic, it's a video game, an interactive medium and uses that to its full potential. Typically you'd see compromises in stories or characters due to that but nope not here. Absolute class act. I do not want to spoil the story nor the characters so this is where I will stop, I do not think a review should spoil events, but honestly I went into this game knowing half the story and even then I was moved. The writing in this game is no less than Breaking Bad, The Godfather, Se7en, Perfect Blue, Requiem For A Dream, etc. I know it's cliche to say this but for this game it absolutely is true. This game stands shoulder to shoulder with those giants and does so confidently and with pride. That is respectable to say the least.

Moving on, the sounds. Absolute masterclass from the absolute mad lad Akira Yamaoka. Silent Hill 1 was good, great at parts even but overall not amazing in my humble opinion. The end game blooper track was absolute fire though. This time, Akira came back guns blazing. Spooky tracks are spookier, atmospheric tracks are dreamier and the rock songs are such bangers I played this game just because of them! This guy is an all in one band and composer and I have the utmost respect for him. Filling me with dread at one point, sadness in another and then making me bop in the same game is just nothing short of a miracle for me. 20-50% of this game is basically carried by the sounds. That's how important this game's audio is. Picture this, the windows XP background with the "Promises" song from this game, imagine how you feel. Then picture the windows XP background with the "Black Fairy" song. Music and just sounds in general are important for any experience now but for this game it is vital. The story is the soul and the music is the heart that beats and keeps everything running. Thank you Mr Akira, your work will continuously get recognised hopefully.

The visuals are outstanding, "technically" this isn't perfect but does that matter? Absolutely not, this game looks beautiful and all of that is because of their vision, confidence and their commitment to their work. The fog is still beautiful, mirrors REFLECT the whole scene without needing ray tracing or any screen space shenanigans. The textures are good, not great but that actually adds to their charm I'd say for 80% of the assets, makes the game grittier and spookier.

The gameplay is something I like a lot honestly, I think this game is a better version of resident evil though I haven't played those older ones. The claustrophobic controls and environments with the mid accuracy and stuff all add to the experience. The only gripes I have are some mediocre bosses and some long running and walking which are boring and time consuming sometimes. It is spooky for a minute or two but after that you get used to it if it's the same location. When thrust to a new location the fear of the unknown kicks in and then yeah they took advantage of that and did stuff with it. Some unnecessary "jumpscares" and enemy placement was also inconvenient, like I understand it was to scare but I'd say the jumpscares could have been cut by 50% and the impact would've been FAR greater. The (SPOILER ALERT) bathroom one will always haunt me, greatest jumpscare of all time.

So, a game with damn near perfect visual style, aural experience and a mind numbingly good story, what could go wrong? Nothing much really, just minor gripes with the gameplay and some in my opinion, poor decisions, reduced my enjoyment of purely the gameplay to 8/10. HOWEVER, the story was an absolute win, 10/10. FINALLY, the most important part is, my enjoyment of the game as a whole was 10/10, an absolute masterclass in video games and story telling. You know that thing where even if something isn't absolutely perfect it's still amazing? This is it. Nothing can be perfect and this gets so close to it that might as well call it perfect hah. Story was moving and the atmosphere, instead of making me "scared", made me dreadful of what was going to happen. That is far more difficult to pull off, let alone pull off for a whole ass game. Bravo Team Silent.

Now additional notes for the Enhanced Edition, I think using the noise filter is mandatory. Using a 480p resolution is cool and using a crt filter may be cool but isn't my cup of tea. 480p resolution is great! Game looks great imo, CRT filter was great too due to the colors but I hated the dotted look. Finally, the upscaled images can be a miss sometimes! The FMVs too, they're a bit uncanny compared to the pristine and (imo beautiful) original FMVs, but that's just me. Look at a comparison or two online and choose your poison. Lowered resolutions look good and emulate the original art style which is great and I'd have done that myself but 1080p was a good middle ground between TOO SHARP and too aliased.

Remember friends, this is not a "you should play" but a "you must play" type of game. Experience what the best of gaming has to offer.

Solid door-checking simulator.
It's an interesting story but it feels very padded out with unnecessary/uninteresting gameplay that ranges from dull to frustrating. If someone could turn this into a good novel that would be ideal.
All that being said, there's something to the depth and complexity of the characters and their motivations and the way these are metaphorically manifested that I just can't shake. I find the voices, dialog, and animations to be wonderfully weird and indelible. I like to think that the fatal act at the center of the story is not to be taken literally. James has enough to feel guilty about.

Silent Hill 2 is just about as good as anyone who played it will tell you it is, but I also think that it's internet discussions - and discussions about the Silent Hill franchise in general - are a bit misguided and shallow. This is a very intorspective game by nature, it is impossible to talk about it and add anything substantial without leaving yourself a bit vulnerable. However, I myself am a bit of an hypocrite coward, so I'll take about things I really find compelling about this game without any spoilers.
I really love how the game leaves so many things up to interpretation about what trully happened in the story, trully a mysterious game by it's nature. Not only because you need to interpret the events from the game, but concepts, locals, characters' actions and such.
The supporting cast does a fenomenal job at helping this "mystery" about psyche grow in a constantly interesting way, even if they are lacking many times. Their actions and REactions are really important and add a lot to the story. That's what many people tell, but I really like to think about what it means for them to be there. I personally believe that those characters aren't just there to add substance, but also to guide you to unravel more behind James Sunderland's struggles and thoughts. I like the idea that maybe even more than characters, these people are ideas that are molded by the protagonist.
I also think that your reading of the story may vary depending on your own living. Maybe you won't understand a certain character's choice or action, but I think that even this misunderstanding makes the game more eary and interesting. It doens't try to spook you, generally speaking, it seems more interested in disturbing you through it's content and implications. The scariest thing in the game to me was something that many players might not even see in their first playthrough.
I don't really know how to write a conclusion to all of this, I'm not a professional... uh...
Please play the Silent Hill games

Would adore to play this again, genuinely the best way to play SH2.

played it again for the first time in years and. yeah this is just indisputably one of the best games ever made

El verdadero remake de SH2 y una obra maestra del terror psicológico

Comunidade pica fizeram um remaster pra Konami que aliás pqp kkkkk que incompetência, podiam ter lucrado mto com um remaster dos silent hills da época de ouro igual a capcom fez com RE 1, 2 e 3

I put off playing the original for years, even though I've known and loved it for ages. I watched multiple playthroughs of it back then but never played it myself because I was always too scared to play it as an adolescent and young adult. I was just very sensitive to horror and have only now, at the age of 32, been able to catch up :D

It's incredible how well this game has aged. The atmosphere created by the great sound design and the graphic elements, as well as the level design, is incredibly dense. Of course, I already knew the story, but it is still very interesting, profound, mysterious and emotional. I already knew that the voice acting was a bit cheesy, but in some strange way it actually fits the story very well. I absolutely love how James' inner life is reflected in the world. I was also very touched by the stories of the NPCs, who are fighting their own demons and whose world looks very different to that of the player. I found Angela in particular and her fate very gripping and the theme of her trauma very tastefully handled. I was surprised by how easy the game was. I played on "Normal", was always quite frugal with the ammunition and ended up with several hundred rounds of ammo for all weapons :D I think I can be a bit more generous in future runs.

All in all, a unique experience which, with the Enhanced Edition, also runs totally smoothly on modern PCs.

Replayed with the enhanced edition
still holds up. maria and james never looked better

This review contains spoilers

The presentation and plot of the game is great, the gameplay is pretty good, but clunky. A really frustrating chase scene and awful semi final boss fight are the only two blemishes on an otherwise great survival horror game. Also some small bugs happened throughout my time with the enhanced edition.

My Favorite Game of All Time. Again.

do you want to feel like shit? this is the game for you!

I am a person who is easely scared, and it's quite the reason why I couldn't really enjoy horror. But lately, I tried to develop taste for it, until I was ready to play Silent Hill 2.

And oh boy, I was not dissapointed. While I were playing another game, I thought "I really want to play Silent Hill", that is a rare sign of something truly special.

Silent Hill 2 is a classic, no doubt one of the most well known classics.

I entered it, not knowing anything except some plot beat here and there that did not make sense without a context.

We start the game, seeing James Sunderland, staring at the mirror of the dirty sideroad bathroom, observing himself, touching his face seemingly to see if he is awake at all. He then reminds himself why he arrived to this town, to find his wife - who has been dead for 3 years.

Exploring the Silent Hill town, shrowded in eternal, thick as milk fog felt uneasy and encountering first monster was immensly stressful. Slowly uncovering the mystery surrounding James and his slowly deteriorating, lonely relation with the world is unnerving.

Meeting other characters in the same town, some struggling with their own demons, some seemingly not seeing the same monsters that torment James, and some seemingly know a lot of personal detail only his dead wife would know...

The entire game is terrific, from the narrative of James, and mirror narratives of Angela and Eddie, being lost souls that wondered into Silent Hill; to James manerism of how he walks with a handgun, and designs of the monsters, giving insight into James' character - especially iconic Piramid Head

And while the game is as subtle as a brick to the face at the end of the game, the lead up to the reveal is excelent thrill of trying to put together what the hell is happening.

The only complain I can have is that some puzzles are a little obtuse and combat may be too easy and clunky for some (I still enjoyed it the same way I enjoyed RE4 in a sense of only positioning and managing recourses).

A game that opened me to the horror experience, and which will stuck with me for the rest of my life, a must play!

O James é literalmente eu, a diferença é que eu nunca fui casado. Ainda tenho que jogar a dlc da Maria.

Just like Planescape Torment, in a vacuum the gameplay isn't all that great, but it doesn't matter and I don't think better combat would actually improve the experience in a meaningful way. You're not playing for that, you're playing for the atmosphere and the story, and it's some of the best ever. One of a few examples that dispel all doubt about whether video games as a medium can be an art form or not.