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Cool ass game. Mario has always been a joy to play as, the way he lives life and never backs down no matter the odds, should inspire everybody.

Never been the biggest platformer fan but this one has always been comfort food for me. Everything about the game is great as ever but I suppose the one caveat is N64 games never feel just quite right without that familiar controller.

Pretty good though I personally don’t think it aged as well as it could have compared to the 2D games
I never really liked how the game looked for one thing and I do think the controls could have been more precise

Revolutionary for its time but flawed by today’s standards. Mario and the camera are fun to control in open spaces, but when it comes to tight/walled spaces or smaller platforms, it can get really frustrating. Hub world is awesome, levels range from good to Rainbow Ride. Big fan of some of the secrets/puzzles. Most of the stars are fun, some are tedious or repetitive.

Some secret stars allow you to continue through the level without being kicked back to the hub - I really wish most to all stars were like this. Sometimes I found a star or all 8 red coins on the way to my objective, and the game would flow much better and not feel so padded if I could keep going.

Would’ve loved checkpoints within the levels and no life system but I can’t exactly judge by modern standards.

Unfortunately don’t care to 100% complete it. 94/120 stars, played in Super Mario 3D All Stars.

This game is full of jank, outdated design concepts, and the occasional frustrating or far-too-obtuse objective. But hot damn. That moveset. No other game has drawn me in so much with just how the character moves around the environment. It is incredibly satisfying. Nothing else even comes close. Having played a few other 3d games from this period, it is absolutely crazy how much Nintendo got right on their first try. Should I dock this game a point for its problems? Maybe. But even through the jank and old design, this game kept calling me back to jump around its fantastic levels.

oh hey it's the speedrun game

Amazing Mario game that really set the tone for 3D platformers. Only limited by its mechanics of the time, would be a 5/5 with modern day controllers

good speedrunning content

Each world in Super Mario 64 rewards your exploration with fun challenges. Constantly returning to the hub world and restarting levels adds tedium, but also helps you familiarize yourself with the environment before solving each puzzle.

Pues lo jugué desde la Switch Online, pero esto no me dejó marcarlo xd

Juegazo papus, lo recomiendo :v 100% completado

Just realized after finishing the game that the game actually has an headset option for the sound, beyond its time indeed.

Absolutely insane that they nailed it on their first try.

SM64 might be the biggest leap in gaming of all time, it's a gigantic milestone for that reason alone. So many kids grew up playing this game and had their minds completely blown and altered by this awesome game, and my experience was similar although I wouldn't say my mind was blown.

My 10/10 rating also comes from the fact that it's an incredible game still to play this day, and while it's fairly fun casually, it's absolutely unmatched to play as a skilled player like for example a speedrunner. You get what you put into this, and it can be incredibly rewarding. Everyone should get 120 stars at least once.

as a kid, played on emulator, got confused so I put on cheats to go straight to the last boss ahaha

yea, there is a ps2 version, but when you play it from a usb instead of hdd it sucks ass

Zerar 100% me fez ter outra perspectiva desse jogo.


I really can't give this game 5 stars because of how many issues I have with it, but in my heart it's a 5/5.

For being one of the first 3D platformers ever, it aged extremely well. The movement system is still really fun to mess around with, and just running around with Mario is a lot of fun.

The foyer and the basement is where this game really shines, with the levels in the former being my favorites. The downfall of the level design (at least for enjoyability) happens in the second and third floors.

Tiny Huge Island, while a cool concept, feels gimmicky and annoying to traverse in both areas. Wet-Dry World has the oddest atmosphere of any level, but the design of it feels like a bunch of geometry slapped together. The same can be said for Rainbow Ride, and I honestly had more fun playing that level than I thought I would based off of previous experiences. Tall Tall Mountain was fun but climbing the mountain got a little bland after a while. Snowman's Land doesn't really feel similar to how the rest of the game designed its levels, which is somewhat for the worse. It feels like the dev team designed the cool snowman structure, then tried to build a level around it, and the end result isn't too interesting to me. Tick Tock Clock is annoying but manageable, and the gimmick of the speed of the level changing with when you enter it is cool.

My main complaint is how getting all 120 stars feels. At first I was enjoying myself, but the basement then felt a little more annoying than usual, and the second and third floors felt even more annoying. Despite that, the sense of accomplishment I felt grabbing the final Bowser star was incredible.

Great game, one of my favorites, but it lacks the level of polish and consistency future installments would eventually have.

eu achei a gameplay do caralho, ja os dialogo nao entendi porra nenhuma porque tava em japones

Game that is one of the most impactful games of all time. I played Mario 64 my whole childhood. One of my favorite games of all time.

A landmark title in gaming that still holds up to this day

You stole this game nintendo. You STOLE this game from Croc. Never forget the wrongs youve wrought from Croc and the legends of the scrimblo. Never

Não sou muito fã desse mas dá pra se divertir um pouquin.

i played this on the switch but i honestly don’t remember a lot of it

Having grown up with the DS version of this game, I wasn't aware how monumental the controls actually were. Honestly, the controls are possibly the best part about it.

That and dropping the pengie 😈👇

I mean. C'mon. I know some people struggle with the camera, but like.... c'mon. Might not be better than Odyssey, and I have a soft spot for Sunshine despite it's shortcomings, but this is the best one right?
Still the champ.

It's Super Mario 64, an undeniable hood classic. All my homies love Super Mario 64, warts and all