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i got this game through club nintendo when that was a thing and tried so fucking desperately to beat it but i got stuck on some part and gave up and idk if i'll ever go back to it but maybe sometime only god the great judgemental holy beam of light can tell

One of the few Mainline Mario I had never played before, and I'll be honest... it is probably my least favorite mainline Mario. I think the picking up stuff part is just too slow. The level design... for the most part isn't terrible, but there's a few part I really hated, more than any other mario games. Like 6-2 as to be one of the most boring level I've ever played in a game, other level were just confusing to navigate and other were just paced so slowly. The bosses were fine, I like that they aren't the basic mario bosses but some were kinda annoying to fight or went for way too long. I know this is a reskin of Doki Doki Panic and it is something different... but I can't say I liked it overall.

A very weird Mario game. It had extremely compelling puzzles but the core gameplay wasn't very fun. Riding the albatross's to get around some levels was very odd and frustrating at times.

Game of the year for the 34th year in a row this year fucking watch.

game of the year every year baby

Bu oyunun varlığından bile haberdar değildim. Benim için mario sadece tek oyundan ibaretti o da 9999/1 kasetlerindeki marioydu ama meğerse nes de 3 tane mario oyunu varmış. İlk Mario güzel eğlenceli bir oyundu bölümler tek yöne ilerlemeli olsa da harita ve düşman dizilimi sizi oyunu sanki çok iyi oynuyormuşsunuz izlenimi veriyordu. Düzgün zamanlı bir şekilde atladığınızda o engeli geçeceğiniz kesindi. Temel mekanik düşmanlarının üzerine basarak ez ve engelleri aştı. 2. Oyunla beraber düşmanları ezme mekaniği gitmiş artık onları tutma olayı gelmiş bu mekanik de oyunu aşırı sıkıcı bir hâle getirmiş. Artık hızlı bir oyuncu değilsiniz. Düşmanlarınız üzerine basıp geçebileceğiniz bir engel değil bölüm dizaynı çok boyutlu adı altında gelişmiş gözükse de sıkıcılaşmış ve yavaşlaşmış. Bu oyunda ilerlemek sizi mutlu etmiyor. Her şey çok yavaş ve sıkıcı geliyor. Özellikle yerden pırasa alıp düşmana atmak o kadar saçma ve aptalca ki troll bir oyunmuş izlenimi veriyor.

While it'll forever be seen as the odd duck in the NES Mario trilogy, and the subject of "WOW, DID YOU KNOW THAT MARIO 2 WAS ACTUALLY CALLED DIPPIN' DOTS PICNIC IN VIETNAMESE????", I'll always find something to love about the superior Mario 2. The OST still reigns as one of the catchiest of the series, and while the levels you traverse are somewhat hit or miss, with any underground level being a lowlight of any playthrough, it's got a charm and uniqueness to it thanks to its Doki Doki Panic origins, while also serving as the best way to play said title. It's weird, it's wild, it's Mario 2 US.

Hundreds of thousands of early nineties boys across the whole country who would have before SMB2 shunned anything girly or sissylike had to change their hearts or die when they were confronted here with the fact that the only selectable female character is massively OP

It's got some problems that come with it being OLD, but with an infinite life code it's a comfortable ride with a lot of weird ideas, creativity, and varied level designs. Pretty solid.

This game is fun. It’s quite the departure from the first Mario and as we know was not the original sequel released in Japan. You can play as mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach. Each has their distinct moves and way to play. The music is catchy but can get old. It’s fun. But not the best.

this game is only good because of toad

This one kinda sucks. It's not even a, real Mario game

Weird Mario game. Really good, just really weird. Yes, I know it's Doki Doki Panic. Still a weird Mario game.

Mario on Acid with a really weird charm to it

Definitely aged much better than the first game, albeit the gameplay is pretty different. I enjoyed the level designs that made you think outside the box (i.e. riding an enemy). The NES spritework is gorgeous, too!

Weird history aside, this is a damn fun "Mario" game. If you don't know why I put that in quotes, look up the history of this game.


A decent platformer, but a bad Mario game. I understand that this game is a reskin of the game Doki Doki Panic so it was never going to be a proper Mario game as it was made as something else, but this doesn't mean it should get a pass due to it's background. None of the fun mechanics from Mario games are in this, such as headstomping enemies, breaking blocks and the power-ups, which makes this game a less fun experience as you're stuck with the mechanics of throwing items and collecting cherries just to get a star power. The best change to this game is that you get to play as more characters than just Mario who have different perks, which would've been a fun addition to carry over to Super Mario Bros 3 and other games, but apart from that I don't like any of the changes this game has compared to the games that came before and after it. Also the level design being vertical at times was annoying, as you have to wait for it to load each section which makes it tiring to see over and over especially when trying to do platforms, but as a whole the platforming was decent and only a few times wasn't good. Overall a very out-of-place and tedious Mario game, which I just don't get the love for.

Thank god they gave us this game instead of Lost Levels. One of the NES's best games honestly. Level design is very not "mario" with the throwing mechanics and the fact that jumping on enemies, Mario's defining trait, isn't a mechanic. But it's still a really well-polished NES game that's hard, but not unfair. It is an interesting midpoint between the original and 3rd that deserves to be recognized more

So, yeah, we all know this is a reskin of Doki Doki Panic and whatnot, but:
This game is actually pretty fun and challenging, I love the fact that characters in this have (and have introduced) different abilities, a feature that will be soon used in other titles of 2D and 3D Mario.
I absolutely love the whole gimmick of the game being "did you know that you can pull things from the ground?" too.

Italians can pull vegetables out of the ground

dont care what anyone says, this is the real mario 2 and one of the best nes games

Kinda more fun than SMB1, just not "higher than the last entry" fun.

this game was actually released as pokemon yellow in japan

boss fights were not fun and the rest of the game wasn't much better

The first video game I ever played, though my time with it back then was on the NES. The thing I like most about this game in particular is its upbringing, starting as an entirely different game in the form of Doki Doki Panic and rebranded into a unique Mario experience. It controls considerably better than the original Super Mario Bros. did, now with multiple playable characters to boot with unique attributes that help them stand apart from one another. With that comes a load of replay value and a good deal of choice based on preference. Don't let its odder mechanics of picking up and throwing objects/enemies fool you; this game is as much a gem as they come.

Like a really good show you remember from the 80's that felt a lot better than Transformers or He-Man and then you find out later it was actually a show from Japan called Macross