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The drop in quality in the middle of this game might be the biggest one i have ever experienced in any media in my life.

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Inscryption started very strong, with a lot of mystery, and an immersive presentation. The wood pieces, sound design, and the simple yet dangerous feeling approach to deckbuilding roguelike gameplay all supported its woodland horror atmosphere. And the concept of having to play a game with a terrifying and enigmatic shadowed figure and slowly outwitting him is a really engaging one, albeit the limited interactivity hampered that a bit.
However, nearly everything about Inscryption after that good impression disappointed me. The gameplay revealed itself to be very questionably balanced, with some lucky early results trivializing the whole game, and most of the rest of it after the initial roguelike part being very easy. But the narrative itself is what leaves such a bad taste in my mouth about the game. After all of the setup of mystery, all it gives you is a few twists for shock value, with not only no satisfying answers, but fatally, no reason for me to care about any of it. Looking back on the story of Inscryption is a bit baffling, I'm not experienced with the developer's previous games, but this feels like a script not even half finished.
Inscryption is a game with definite merits, but the more I think about it, the more I can't get over my disappointment with the whole last 2/3rds, and how the work as a whole lost the cohesion I'd need to be able to really appreciate it.

Great break from grinding out ascension runs in Slay The Spire. Play it if u like card games and read nothing.

Gameplay loop is not for me even though I've like similar games in the genre such as "The Voice of Cards" where I really liked the demo version of that, but I currently shelved the full version. HOWEVER, I can see why people likes this game. I might just watch a full walkthrough on YouTube instead because I'm intrigued by the story, and I feel like I can't afford to invest too much time to do it myself.

This review contains spoilers

Fantastic in almost every way. The structure is great and bears more thought, but really the game is 100% about atmosphere. Trying to figure out what's going on in the first act (and being terrified Leshy's going to, like, catch you messing with his cabin), and being thrown into the second without warning was like Myst level tonal mastery to me. Really my only criticism of the game at the moment is that the final plot point (Luke know...) felt pretty lame and shoehorned in compared to everything else. Partly the woman was just miscast, but also the head just felt kind of stupid compared to how thoughtfully creepy everything else in the game was.

Card Game + Escape Room? Yes.

If you're looking for a card game with fine balance - skip it, Inscryption is definitely not what you want. But it's a great metagame and wonderful part of Daniel Mullins game metaverse

Inscryption é facilmente um dos meus indies favoritos.