Very rarely will I pick up a game and not complete it. I just couldn't with this. I tried to give it benefit of the doubt, I tried to see it's charm, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish it. The controls are clunky, unfun and slow, and the story itself is also just not engaging enough to keep me playing.

A vast improvement from the first game! Loads of fun, whacky physics, easy to jump into, and an entertaining story go alongside it. Also, quite a few references and parodies to other games and movies. Honestly, if you're looking for a game to jump in-between or just need a relaxing game, I recommend this. Yes. DEW IT

I really enjoyed this, wish it was a bit longer!

Been a loooong time since I played GTA V. It recently popped up on Game Pass, so thought I'd play through the main story.

Just played the beta on Steam - not enough to give it a rating

Finally got around to playing this game. Fantastic audio design, and overall a great game in every aspect. Keen for the sequel!

Excellent expansion imo. Can't wait for the next Horizon!

Solid game with a decent story imo.

Unfortunately as much as I hate saying it, this was dissapointing. I really wanted to like this, but I just couldn't get into it. It has a really cool idea, and this sounded very much up my alley but it just... didn't execute well.


Neat short 5-6 hr experience. Genuinley a relaxing game when you're not sure what to play next or just want something that doesn't require too much. I'd recommend if you have Xbox Game Pass.

Decent campaigns, but ultimatley could have been so much better had they been fleshed out a bit more.

Fun and addicting; but maybe one day I'll have the energy to finish the entire game. I usually finish games I start, but this is one that I feel I'll come back to eventually.

(Campaign only)
It was... fine. It had a few cool moments here and there, but I just didn't quite enjoy this story as much as I had hoped.

It definitely had the foundation and groundwork, but I feel the characters weren't quite as developed and the twist just... needed a bit more to it. I almost feel like things were cut in order to make it a shorter playtime, which is a bit of a shame. In saying that though, I thought it was still decent and I do appreciate the fact Don't Nod decided to try something a bit different.

Just wish it had a bit more time in the oven and had a bit of a longer playtime. I finished it in one sitting - which is not a bad thing - but with a story like this, it could have used just a bit more time in the oven.

A second playthrough is a must*

I enjoyed the lore, tone and atmosphere of the world. The story had some fairly decent, interesting elements but ultimately the ending felt a bit lacking.

The gameplay, specifically the combat, felt clunky and sometimes didn't respond right away which made combat scenarios even more frustrating than they already were.

The soundtrack was incredibly well done, and fit perfectly into the tone of the game's atmosphere.