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I give a lot of 5/5s but that is because all I play are bangers.
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I always round up for ratings - I prefer celebrating the good part of games rather than nitpicking shortcomings
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Having now beat it twice, I feel pretty conflicted on this game. The combat and bosses can be really awesome when they get a chance to shine. The music has clear inspirations but is beautiful all the same. However, most of the story has no heart, the writing is terrible, the side missions are almost exclusively mid, and the art direction has no cohesion.
The only thing more stale than most of this game is the conversation surrounding it. But when the game has as hype as a final few hours as it does, its hard to not be excited for a possible sequel

Some of the best character writing, animation, voice acting & gameplay in any game I've ever experienced with some very awful pacing, especially in the late game. Still trying to decide how I feel about the story but I am willing to wait for the finale before fully giving my judgement.

The gameplay is a mess but can be fun. The story is also a mess but I enjoyed it. The live service stuff is way more of a mess and I don't have a 'but' for that.