More a movie & art guy than gaming, so this may not get updated a lot, but I like to try stuff here & there so hopefully variety at least. Also I am bad at gaming, so things will reflect that.
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One of the more intensive, detailed simulators I've seen that also has one of the more unique settings I can think of (something that would usually be used for a physics or liquid test). Broadly I think, as just a vessel for looking at funny ducks with soothing music this achieves the broad goal perfectly, with the main pool & the ski lodge being great settings (not a huge fan of the outer space one). Great amount of variety in the ducks, a lot of dynamic things happening in the space, lots of maneuverability in the controls, etc etc. I do think some of the more esoteric elements like the radio codes or some of the special event ducks are more of an annoyance that an intriguing thing to solve, but as a fun collectible wallpaper type of deal I appreciate it.

A bizarre artsy shitpost of a game with some interesting depth to it, a brutalist Eastern European surrealist sandbox that gives you a funny trumpet & you need to catch the train out of town. If I'm looking at this as a proof of concept for a later game from the developer, I'm very excited as they have a lot of mechanical depth hidden in this (the maneuverability of the fan contraption, i.e. the best item in the game) & some cool effects hidden underneath the surface-level slapdash look of this game (the way the fog & lighting works looks amazing as well as things like the birds flying by).

I do think some of the achievements are a little too bunched together in certain tasks, and I wish there was another way to secret-hunt other than blind luck or the tracker, but again for what this game is trying to be I think it reaches that in a really impressive way. Keeping an eye out for a follow-up.