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Apr 01

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This was my first time playing anything "Silent Hill". For a game that has you mostly walking, you walk painstakingly slow. It does try to shake things up by throwing out uninteresting cutscenes and chasing sequences that make no sense, where you have no idea where you're supposed to go. The thing that made me the most uneasy was that the main character has her hair behind her glasses. Who does that?

I have much in common with this game; I'm also not as good as Batman. Each of the four playable Batman sidekicks is remarkably less capable than their mentor. There's also no incentive to play as a particular character, so once you've picked one, you undoubtedly won't bother switching. Enemies become such massive damage sponges that I dropped the difficulty to Easy in the last chapter. It wouldn't be an issue if you engaged in the numerous copy-and-paste missions on the city map. While I believe that RPG elements make games more interesting, this was the exception to the rule.

Trading guns for magic, you play as one of the special few who can wield all three colours of the arcane. You are armed with Blue (a Rifle), Red (a Shotgun), and Green (a Machine Gun) to mow down your foes. The writing is fun, and the voice acting is good. Although, you might struggle to find a character you actually like, as they are all different shades of asshole. The game claims you can build your character to fit your playstyle, focusing on powering up one colour or evenly spreading your points across all three. However, it then throws you encounters that require specific colours to defeat enemies, spitting in the face of those claims. Sometimes, a game can simply be "good". They don't have to all be masterpieces.