Short but very fun. Makes a nice pairing with the 2d original.

This game is fun with friends, but as its current playerbase proves that doesn't really last.

Already dated mediocre multiplayer game oh boy.


This can be fun with friends for about 20 minutes. Then never again.

If this game actually ran it would be fun.

It's the same game as the last one.

Zero Mission is as close to a perfect Metroid game as I've ever played. The only couple of faults I can find with it are a couple unintuitively designed areas and that the final area and tedious mess of a final boss are disappointing. Other than that, Samus handles incredibly well, and the Metroid gameplay formula is perfected here.

Metroid Dread is a great installment in the series. Let no one tell you otherwise. However, it can get incredibly frustrating at times. The emmis are the worst part of the game, and I didn't find any of their stealth sections fun. The bosses also desperately need checkpoints. The game makes you do a lot of things over again in general. The game is very fun despite this and is well worth playing, that Metroid gameplay loop is possibly better executed here than in any other game in the series. Fusion is still better though.

Pilotwings is OK. It doesn't really offer much to go back to now, but it is decently fun for an hour or so of killing time.

Metroid Fusion is a really fun game. For the first 2/3rds of its (quite short) runtime. The remaining 1/3rd is full of cheap and unfair situations that drain your health ridiculously quickly. Aside from this, the game takes a much more linear approach to Metroid that despite the criticism it receives actually works quite well. The powerup system is still intact as well, and works just as well as it did in the earlier games. All in all, a fun game for the most part with some glaring errors.

Super Metroid is by no means a perfect game, and has some notable issues in its controls, cryptic progression, and a few other minor areas. However, that shouldn't detract from how fun the item progression is, or how satisfying the bosses feel. This is still the best Metroidvania I've ever played. Highly recommend playing this, as it's held up way better than its predecessors.

Metroid 2 is a notable step up from its prequel, and is generally a much more functional game. However, it still suffers from some faults that return from the original, such as a general lack of even the smallest amount of player guidance, similar looking locations (understandable as it was on the game boy), and repetitiveness. However, as it is a much shorter game, around 4 hours, it can be forgiven for most of these problems as they don't weigh on you quite so much. Overall, it's worth playing.