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Cool game, has a standard ending that I reached by myself, then has a "true ending" once you collect enough stuff. I used guides for this, as some things were actually pretty hard to find, and I dind't want to just run around the whole map looking for a block I might be able to destroy. But it was quite satisfying, by the end, to look back at each area and feel like you've conquered it, you've cracked each puzzle.

Talking about puzzles, there's even more after the true ending, but that's if you're into cyphers and stuff like that, I didn't look too deep into it, I'm satidfied with what I've done.

That's what I have to say, I guess everyone else has already given their impressions on the atmosphere, graphics, gameplay, etc...

This review contains spoilers

Marked as spoiler because I'll mention gameplay elements, but I'm still far from having beaten the game.

I might update this review once / if I beat the game.

As other have mentioned, the pace of the game can be a turn-off. It takes a long time to start, then relatively early on, it introduces the mechanic of keys, which you obtain by usually dying and obtaining new info doing so, which will let you make other choices earlier in the story in your next "loop".

Well, in the first part of the game (several hours at least), you won't unlock any more key. You can die a few times, but it's always useless. That first part feels like the "control story", what happens if you're not much more than simply a witness within the mystery. Then, you get your first ending, the credits roll, and you are granted your second key, which will give you a new choice at the very start of the story.

That's more or less where I'm at, and it feels like the most exciting part of the story so far, even though things have been enjoyable up to now !

I've only played a few hours so far.
Whem this game was announced in the Nintendo Indies direct, I was intrigued. I'm not exactly convinced by the main character's design, especially in the artworks, but in-game, Penny is charming and controls well.

The level design so far blends platforming sections with wider areas you can speed through. It's up to you whether you want to chain tricks to go as fast as you can or take it a little bit slower to explore more and find secrets, even though it feels like the game is mainly made for the first reason. It is extremely satisfying to keep your momentum and breeze through the levels if you've mastered the movement.

One thing that still trips me up sometimes, though, is you have no control of the camera. Sometimes, I want to adjust the angle mid-jump to see a secret area better, but the right stick is used to throw your yo-yo and I end up falling to my death.

It is a lot of fun to play, though, and I'm curious to see what the gane still has to throw at me in the coming levels.