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With a rather cool, yet disappointing first wave for the DLC, I was having high hopes that Side Order would be the next Octo Expansion from the last game. And the second wave was...okay.

The story without going too much into detail, is that it follows back with Agent 8, our trusty Octoling who is wondering what happened with Inkopolis Square; the hub world from Splatoon 2. Alongside that, you are reunited with Pearl who is now a drone, and later on Marina, who was prisoner behind this new threat. And now it is up to you to save Inkopolis.

Now in terms of gameplay, is it like the mission structure from Splatoon 2's DLC and like base game Splat3? No. This is a roguelike campaign where you have to survive through hordes of enemies called Jelletons and reach the final boss at the top of the tower. If you lose all your lives, you start all over again. You meet up with Acht who takes you up one floor at a time, with each floor based on what you choose.

The tasks themselves are mediocre as they are fun to figure out what to do, and some are even based on online modes like splat zones, tower control, etc., but after you have played them all, they become somewhat mindless. The only thing engaging with them after the amount of runs through them are the difficulty choices and the variants of each task based on the room.

You gain Membux based on clearing the floor and you can use them for buying stuff at the vending machines, or keep them for when you fail. Upon failing, they turn into Prlz that can be used for acquiring upgrades like increased damage, more slots for Pearl to use weapons, or even more lives and a continue.

However, the real fun is the replayability. With each 'palette' gives you different weapons and more chances of seeing certain colours for boosts. Some of these are incredibly broken, like the charger takes purple colours and with a combination of quick charge, boosted damage from a distance, and homing shots, you can easily make it into the final room. Speaking of bosses, they are mind-numbingly easy as I think these are more simple than the base game's bosses. The final boss was the only one to give a hard time, but with a combination like that? A literal joke.

If you are talented at the game, you could potentially beat this DLC on your first run. But, I don't think you will be able to, as with no upgrades, this is a hard trek. Does this wave increase my thoughts on the Splatoon 3 DLC being a little bit worthless? Or is it actually the saving grace? I honestly think this is what the DLC was for honestly. Although it is short, this is a fun DLC to play through

The last Pokemon game that I play before taking a small break from the Pokemon marathon. Couple months back, I played gen 2 for the first time and I loved exploring both Johto and Kanto connected together, battling all the gym leaders and catching new Pokemon.

Well, Game Freak did it again but in generation 4 with the remakes HeartGold & SoulSilver...and it is way better than the originals. No further questions. The game was tweaked to match current Pokemon back in 2009, the music slapped hard with trumpets everywhere as a hint to what the next game's music will be, the battles are the same as you know them, this remake proves that it is the true definitive way for gen 2.

Some changes that were seen were the gym leader's challenges were significantly altered! Although some like Falkner and Brock's were unchanged, every single gym leader had their rooms changed for these games in some way, big and small. An all new building was added called the Pokeathlon Dome, an area which allows you to play minigames with your Pokemon, and you could rack up points to win items like evolution stones for instance. There were also changes to the PokeGear too, as the inclusion of the national dex come postgame makes this tool really handy. The radio for starters had an overhaul as the touch screen allowed you to change the channels easily, and even had music from Hoenn or Sinnoh based on the day to get returning mons from those regions. Plus, more Pokemon to grab for the dex too, like the gen 3 legendaries, starters from past gens, and even the PokeWalker!

One last addition I cannot avoid that was most definitely not in the OG games were new routes leading to...the Safari Zone. While this is one of the best Safari Zones in the entire series, as it allows you to customise the area at your will and have no step limits anymore, it is still a very confusing area. Especially with designing the layouts giving you points and how keeping the layout adds more points which means more Pokemon...didn't help it increases every 10 days!

One thing I didn't get to try was the PokeWalker accessory bundled with the remakes. The accessory allowed players to take their lead Pokemon with them for walks as a pedometer, rewarding the players with items or even exclusive Pokemon found through the device. A cool concept that definitely didn't inspire GO in any way, but hard to get yourself.

HeartGold and SoulSilver is a must play for old Pokemon goodness. Whether it's for good ol' nostalgia for the Johto region, or coming across it the first time.

So I finally had the chance to play the OG version of gen 4 Pokemon after playing Brilliant Diamond 2 years ago (which I will revisit later in the Pokemon marathon), and I was anticipating Platinum as everyone says that this game is superior to Diamond/Pearl, and even the remakes.

And they were right! ...For the majority of the game that is, but there were some things the remakes slightly did a little better, but we'll get there later. Platinum is the definitive version to play gen 4, taking place within the region of Sinnoh, as there are countless new Pokemon to get being 107 new additions, alongside the other 386 boosting the number to 493 obtainable Pokemon. Damn.

The story is basically the same: travel across the region, beat the gyms, become champion and stop a threat to the region. This time, we are up against Team Galactic as they plan on obliterating the world with the power of the masters of time and space, Dialga and Palkia, hailing their leader Cyrus. Although coming from the remakes a few years ago, the story was decent but Platinum added new story content and characters that weren't in Diamond/Pearl. We have one of the international police members, Looker, we have the new Distortion World to stop Giratina in, and it was really exciting to see that on the DS.

So new hardware, new gimmicks. Surprised to see that you don't really need to use the touch screen at all, for the most part. In terms of battling, they made a new change with the physical and special split that lingers in the future games. For general gameplay, they added a lot of additions. First off, you have the Poketch, a watch that allows you to check the time, scan for hidden items, check your friendship with your Pokemon, or to act as a calculator.

Next you have the time of day, which was already in the series back in gen 2. But it returns and adds weekly stuff to the mix. So different Pokemon spawn based on the time of day, but in the post game, you get Pokemon appearing on a daily basis through swarms, the trophy garden, and even the Great Marsh, which is the safari zone for this game...still sucks btw.

Finally, we have the Underground, an area where you can play with friends through local wireless play. You can set up secret bases, steal your friend's flags, or even dig through certain areas on the wall and gather treasure through a minigame, like shards, evolution items, tools to aid in battle, or even fossils for more Pokemon. While this was fun, it is very, veeery barebones playing alone, and even with friends it feels almost empty to me. One addition I'll applaud BDSP for.

Overall, this game was nearly flawless either way. Definitely the way to go in terms of playing gen 4, but it is a great start for the DS Pokemon entries.