Buyer's Remorse

Starting this to see if there's a correlation between the games I regret the most. Placed in date order of realization of what my wallet died for.

Ah my first, I remember picking this up shortly after release and then immediately finding it difficult to continue playing after only just starting. I've learned if an RPG doesn't have a good menu system, then it's not going to hold my interest for long.
Me trying to get into RPGs again, whoops
Bought at full price during launch week due to hype. Could not get past how clunky everything feels and bad the UI was.
So many people said this is so much better than it seems. Spoilers: if you don't care about tactical turn based games, it's not. Also I couldn't help but find the sound effects weirdly jarring.
Got this in anticipation to play co-op. Didn't realize how shallow co-op was, it fun for a single night but doesn't carry its own. Maybe if I ever try the story I'll change my mind.
Bought to play with a friend through co-op, soon realized co-op was not as simple as join together and play. More contrived than it needed to be. Otherwise is an RPG which I don't think I'll play alone.
Can't believe I bought this again after already playing it on Wii U. I knew I was tired of the New 2D Mario games but I got too hyped about Mario Maker 2 that I thought I needed to get this.
This one is still pretty new so not entirely remorse yet. But there are too many menus and items to keep track of, I think I'm starting to realize I don't like these types of games. Also the story so far hasn't grabbed me and the dialogue can come off strangely.


3 years ago

I can't imagine paying 60 backs for 2D Mario again, but this time Peach is in the game..................................yeah?

3 years ago

Mistakes were made that day

1 year ago

Neat list. I like your little comments. Sad to see you did not like Mario + Rabbids... but if you don't like tactics then that is understandable.

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