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A phenomenal adaptation of early Roller Coaster Tycoon games with just enough quality of life fixes. As someone who still picks up RCT2 every few years, having a 3D version that still follows the comprehensive grid structure is extremely nice. The campaign scenarios are plenty and plenty enjoyable, although they could benefit from more objective variation. Decoration is more robust and easier to navigate than RCT and not as daunting/complicated as Planet Coaster. It's perfectly aligned with my park building tastes.

Somewhat surprised to see the reaction to this game but perhaps it's more enjoyable to approach without thinking of it being Pokemon. It's a lower commitment MOBA than most of its peers and far more accessible for new players. The main reason I don't play league much is because of the daunting game length and amount of abilities/techs. There's room for a game like Unite to be an easier to pick up competitive MOBA. Although, there are some questionably pay to win elements and lots of mobile app style pop ups that get annoying.

Extremely charming and reminiscent of Zelda titles (primarily Wind Waker). The exploration is satisfying and I enjoyed the collectables for the most part. Its biggest hurdle which hinders the enjoyment of dungeons is the lack of utility. The varying items you get are just slightly altered versions of weapons that don't change the game much. The interaction with npcs can be surprisingly in depth, making it all the more fun to explore. Worth a shot to see an indie take on a popular formula that we've been lacking as of late.