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RadioactiveCatt completed Persona 3 Reload
I'm of the mind that P3 didn't really need a remake, but that doesn't mean this game wasn't incredible from start to finish. It's a game filled with so many small changes across the board that add up to make a big difference. All of the new voice actors did an excellent job of capturing the cast, while bringing their own spin to these beloved characters. And despite knowing how the game ends, it still tore at my heart strings all over again, just like it did when I first played it back on the PSP, twelve or so years ago. Like a lot of people, Persona 3 was something I experienced in my formative years and it had a huge impact on me. P3R serves as both a warm welcome to newcomers and previous fans alike. And with the confirmation of The Answer on the way as DLC, this will look to make P3FES obsolete, which I see as a good thing personally. My only gripe, one that I think a lot of people resonate with, is the lack of the inclusion of FemC's route in the game and I think that simply comes down to Atlus having just re-released P3P on modern consoles last year, unfortunately. I wish they had taken the opportunity to make this the true definitive P3 experience but...Atlus gonna Atlus.

That aside though, P3R was nothing short of breathtaking all over again. I was excited for this game when it was announced but playing through it, I fell in love all over again, as the story of P3 transcends P4 and P5's imo. If you're still on the fence about getting into the series, this is the best place to start, you won't regret it.

4 days ago

RadioactiveCatt abandoned Sword & Fairy: Together Forever
This game was pretty interesting, the world and lore were cool, the character designs were fun and the combat was simple but effective. I didn't end up seeing it all the way through as it failed to keep my attention around the 15 hour mark but I'm glad I've experienced something like this as the series always intrigued me.

13 days ago

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