It might've been Ranko's longest day but this shit is over in like 2 hours lmao.

Was a really interesting entry into the series, I really enjoyed it.

Really cool fighting game, wish I'd given it more time.

Really cool fighting game, was sweet getting to play as characters like Shana and Taiga.

More like, I Am A Huge Fucking Waste Of Time.

Played the terrorist PvE mode with a friend a bunch but that's about it.

Sort of in the same ball park as Two Worlds but I was too old to see past the problems, so dropped it.

It's always nice to play something you have very low expectations for and end up really enjoying by the end.

I honestly think I play stuff like this in hopes of it being even a fraction as good as FF Tactics, and it never is.

Played this on launch for about a month, got my time and money's worth out of it then never looked back. Best way to experience this type of game imo.

"We fed 500 JRPGs into a computer and this is the result!"

When people talk about bad anime 3D brawlers, this is the type of game they are talking about.

I've always wanted to play a game with Tony Taka character designs and this was my first chance to do so. But overall this game is quite disappointing. It's like a bad Tales of game.