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Despite being the shortest entry in the series, it has quickly become one of my favourites, because the story was more focused on Kiryu himself, rather than whatever grand scheme he was part of. Don't get me wrong, I love those grand plots, but playing through a game with a more personal story was refreshing. At this point, having played every entry, it's hard not to be invested in Kiryu as a character so all in all, I loved Yakuza Gaiden. Furthermore as well, the combat had been improved a lot, it was great to see Kiryu hadn't forgotten everything he's ever learned in the space of a year like usual. I finally got to feel like the Dragon of Dojima the entire way through, not just towards the end.

My first experience with the series, had no idea what I was getting into at all. Couldn't fully wrap my head around the combat system which is probably my fault but the attack animations were insanely cool. I think I'll try a more recent entry into the series with a stronger localisation and see if it grabs me.

Very fun rhythm game, plenty of memorable tracks.