After having played several entries in the SMT franchise, I was incredibly hyped for this game. Overall, it didn't meet my expectations set by prior entries.
The story is admittedly lacking, however the atmosphere, gameplay, and music is arguably near the top of the franchise.

I did not expect this game to be as good as it was.
My first exposure to Kotaro Uchikoshi's works and I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of them.

This game got me back into playing single-player games and I am eternally grateful for that.

It's hard to put into words how much this game means to me. One of the best narratives I've experienced across any medium, despite it's rushed second half.
Yasunori Mitsuda's compositions enhance the experience tenfold. A game I'll never forget.
I very much wish I could give it an honest perfect score, but thinking back to the gameplay elements, that only became bearable due to emulation speedups and save-states, they're an indication that the game lacks depth and polish in its systems when contrasted with its strengths.
Hoping one day we can see a complete version with an updated English translation.

The first Yasumi Matsuno game I played.
Top-notch visuals and presentation. Cumbersome menu system that drags down the otherwise fantastic battle system.

Ace Attorney : 7
Ace Attorney − Justice for All : NA
Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations : NA
Will update once completed.