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The DLC for powerwash sim has been largely a mixed bag. This one is.. fine? It's not as bad as the back to the future one. It's got 5 vehicles instead of the usual 3 vehicles and 3 locations, but the first and last one are proper 40K huge so it's not so bad. My problem is that they look like they're made of plastic, super bright and not very detailed. It's strange seeing this game drop the ball this hard on DLC. Warhammer powerwash sim should be the easiest recommend out of all the DLCs, it should have fuckhuge stuff to clean in ornate environments. Instead it feels like every paid DLC has been restricted to hell while the free ones are where the devs can actually have fun.

I'm getting kind of tired of the itchio horror vignette games that make me want full games I know will never exist. You don't have to make 30 hour long slogs but the indie horror scene's increasing trend of 20 minute long games is spending ideas that could be fleshed out into long, great games into games like this. I don't mean to say short horror games are bad by any means, but the best short horror games still manage to play out everything in their arsenal. I don't care for Squirrel Stapler but at least it does everything it can do with its premise. VHS Paradise, like a lot of similar games I have and haven't reviewed from the itchio horror sphere, is a great idea not taken remotely far enough.

Unfortunately the first "real" touhou game is a step down from the arkanoid-type game the first one was. All the ingredients of a standard touhou are here, good music, bad art, multiple gamemodes, stuff like that. The problem is ZUN clearly hadn't got their training wheels off when it came to shmup design. It's really simple stuff, enemies being hard to differentiate from the background. Sometimes enemies will spawn on the bottom side of the screen and just kill you instantly and you have to memorize where they spawn. Criticizing it is redundant because obviously it was learned from, and there's fun to be had here, but it's still not a good game with all those issues. Also the ending is completely incomprehensible.