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While I still like Silent hill 1 more, this game is genuinely fantastic. The combat is a bit outdated, but the atmosphere, the sound design, the story, and artistic direction are all well done. Can't wait to see how Bloober team ruins it.

I know most people aren't going to read this, but if you do then that's awesome!
I'm gonna try and be as in-depth as possible as to why I really dislike the Resident Evil 4 Remake.
This isn't meant to discourage you or belittle you if you like the game, I implore you to have as much fun with it as possible. My opinions are my own as I have been playing the original Re4 for upwards of 10 years now, so I'm going to be rather biased by default.
Firstly, I wanna talk about the positives/the things the remake does better:
-The shooting range
I love how much more involved it is this time around. While I miss collecting the little bottle caps and earning money for it, the weapon charms are a neat addition that adds a different bit of flavor to the game. I just wish it wasn't set up as a gacha mechanic
-Ashley and Luis
Despite some of the complaints I have seen about voices and what not, I actually really enjoyed how these two characters were handled. Ashley acts a lot like a goofy little sister type of character towards Leon, and I think some of her annoying lines actually help to elevate that feeling. Luis gets a better backstory, more screentime, and has some fun personality clashes with Leon.
-The Treasures, and the gemstone system
Hoarding treasures to stuff gems into them was a really enjoyable part of the original Re4, and I like how it was handled in the remake. Holding onto various different stones until you found treasures you can stick in them to earn insane profit is really fun and gives off more of an adventurer vibe, tho that may be more of a me thing since I'm a gemstone collector irl.
-The Mercenaries
Despite my distaste for how capcom handled the amount of content the base version has, the gameplay for mercenaries is really fun this time around. It reminds me a lot of RE5, but doesn't have as much content. The characters are all distinctly different from each other and fit very specific playstyles. I just wish it had co op.
Now for the negatives, which I have a lot of issues with:
-Lack of any real charm
The remake feels like a more restrained, and sanded down version of the original in many different ways. In capcoms attempt to make it a more grounded survival horror game with realistic elements, many different things were cut out to reduce the action. The killdozer, the ceiling trap, running on the bridge away from the mecha Salazar. As a result it makes the whole thing feel more like a parody of the original. The Remake also removes the part from the original where the villains hack into Leon's radio and start making fun of him, which was one of the more hilarious parts of the original.
-Inconsistent hit stun on higher difficulties
This is the biggest issue I have with this game and whoever gave this the greenlight completely missed the point of the original. On hard-core and professional, enemies will take multiple bullets to the body and act like it didn't affect. This is NOT how they should've handled these difficulties because it makes shooting at them to stop their attacks feel completely pointless unless you have a shotgun, or an automatic weapon. In the original, every bullet that connects with an enemy has an effect of some kind. They are firearms, that's what they do, and it rewarded players for having good aim. This just makes the difficulties feel more like RNG and it completely kills the fun.
-Removal of the laser sight
This ties into my issue with the gameplay. I know it still exists, but only being available on two very specific guns in the entire game is incredibly dumb. I hate the new reticle that the remake has, it worked better in the 2 remake due to how that game was structured.
-The movement, and the controls themselves
I've been playing this remake since it launched, and I just really do not like the way it controls. You tell Leon to move one direction, and it takes him a few seconds to actually respond to the command. You tell him to throw something and he will actively refuse to throw it unless you tell him multiple times. You also feel incredibly slowed down in this version, like Leon's got cinderblocks strapped to his feet and he's trying to move through a swamp. The movement in Remake 2 and Remake 3 felt perfectly fine, so idk what happened.
-Unnecessary exposition
This is a big problem I have with the game from the intro sequence, all the way down to the final boss. There is so much unnecessary dialogue in this game that it feels like it's trying to hold the players hand at all times to tell them each and every exact detail about Leon's life, and even as far as to having bosses do nothing talk to you during the entire battle. Salazar, Krauser, and Saddler all constantly talk to you during the entire fight with no real way to interrupt them unless you shut the voice volume off. This could've easily been fixed by keeping the ability to have them hack Leon's comms and talk outside of the fights.
Overall, I understand this is simply the result of me being stuck in the past, but I genuinely wanted to like this game for what it was, and for the most part, I did enjoy my time with it, but I cannot sit and say that I will be playing anymore of it in the future. Once all the challenges are done (I have like one left at the time of me writing this) I'll play mercenaries a little longer, but then that's it. I will not be playing this game any further after that and I hope you understand.
That being the case I do hope you've been having fun with the remake, and I'd love to hear how you feel about it, and about a lot of the points I've made!
Have a good day!

A very solid survival horror game that does an incredible job at having a haunting atmosphere.