21 y/o psychology major finding time to play 60 hour long jrpgs in between lectures

2.5 is mid anything above is positive anything below is negative idk why this even has to be said just know my 0.5 is reserved for slop like drakengard and friends
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Instead of dancing around the fact that this is a sequel to chrono trigger let’s embrace and define what made made it special to everyone because it's hard for me not to talk about it when comparing and contrasting. To someone who might not have played a lot of RPGs, pretty much everything about the game would stand out to them and realistically they wouldn't be able to realize what actually made it special because they haven't played the games that lead to it's creation, namely final fantasy and dragon quest. I'm not going to act like trigger had an incredible story or cast of characters, because it didn't. It was fine it had it's moments and it wasn't bad by any means but it was refined, a word I could use to define the entirety of the game. I'm also not going to act like a lot of what trigger did wasn't done before, because pretty much everything was done before and it's a common misconception and because of the lack of knowledge people have everyone acts like it's the best without actually realizing it, or at least that's the conclusion I came to.

It's important to look at chrono trigger as a meta-analysis for rpgs which sounds extremely fucking pretentious and trust me it is but it means combining the efforts and work of many others work and making it one big easily digestible whole for everyone to enjoy. I loathe yapping about trigger as much as i do like and respect it but i had to get it out of the way before i started talking about this gem

What confused me about chrono cross is that all i've ever heard about it is a bunch of 50/50 bullshit where people either love it or hate it. I'm sitting here playing this fucking game and all im experiencing is what made trigger special and then some. By that i mean the meta-analysis bullshit i mentioned except it expanded on it and made everything it did even better. I'm talking about the extremely minute shit like running from boss battles, something I wouldn't have even noticed until I accidentally pressed the button and feared that I wasted a turn, only to find out that it backed me out of the fight and pulled up the menu screen so I could reorganize my magic and heal. Normally I would say that this is making the game far too easy, but because the game doesn't have a conventional leveling system it forces you to learn the combat and utilize your tools. It doesn't want you to lose 2 hours of progress unless you're a dumb ass and forgot the option to run existed because you're burned from horribly designed 90s rpgs that work against you, it wants you to learn and have fun. That is true accessibility beyond yellow paint and map markers

I can understand why it's combat might not be for everyone, because it really is jarring at first and makes little to no sense but once you understand the system it fucking rocks. I ended up liking it just as much as triggers once more magic spots opened up on my characters. What I don't understand is why the fuck people hate this story. You guys actually fucking suck for telling me it was bad stop with the horrible follow up to chrono trigger brainwashing and take the updated media literacy test. The test is enjoying this game and the price of failing is your backloggd account which will get removed if you type the words "bad follow up to chrono trigger" in your review. I think if this game had the same art style as trigger there would have been no controversy or bad follow up bullshit to be heard and everyone would have loved this game just as much if not more

This review contains spoilers

Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment spoilers ahead. Don't read if you have not completed both games

Although the relationship between this game and Innocent Sin is very well crafted and deeply interesting, I would be lying if it's poor execution wasn't to the games detriment. What I assume to be about 80% of the assets from the previous game, including music, dungeons and more carried over to this sequel. It's as uninspiring as it is boring, and it's extremely shocking to me that the game is praised for doing such. That being said, it is a very good story overall, even though it drags on at times.

Most of my gripes about IS were exorcised, primarily the tedious contact system being improved to not be as confusing and the game's characters being much more fleshed out throughout the story. I'll save myself the mental strain from reexplaining therefore thinking about the boring and half-assed auto combat system that didn't change at all in this game for some reason. I will say it's nice that they embraced it's boring design to the point where they added a turn list in the PSP version. Even in this game, I still found myself auto battling through pretty much every enemy and boss save for the final one and one other, a shocking reality considering that this is supposed to be the hardest Persona game according to fans, a game where the combat is revolved around auto battling is supposedly the hardest in the series. I even played on hard mode which I later learned does nothing but decrease SP gain when walking around in dungeons. The encounter rate is just as abhorrent as it was in IS, slightly mitigated by the fact that the game is a lot faster in this version.

Something I noticed in this game is that characters don't repeat themselves a lot. At first I was questioning why there wasn't as much dialogue in this game as a normal JRPG or better comparison Persona game and found it boring for a short while near the start, but ended up liking it a lot more with this realization. I'm happy the trope isn't present and it made the newer characters all the more realistic and likable by the end. On the topic of characters, it's a shame that the ones from IS were relegated to the status of "story piece" rather than actual developing character, because they were genuinely interesting near the end of their game. There was a lot more they could have done with them, but they chose not to because of the story? Strange decision, but as long as it continues the story I guess. As far as new characters go, the standouts are clearly Baofu and Katsuya. The dynamic between Katsuya being a police officer and abiding by the law and only the law while Baofu, a prosecutor turned criminal who and is much more vulgar in his methods, charred due to his past blames himself for his wife's death. When they first meet, they both despise each other and their methods but throughout the course of the game start to accept one another. Alongside being well written, it was very rewarding because after a story sequence, they were able to contact together in battle. It's a subtle but nice touch.

Continuing on the topic of characters, I found Ulala to be depthless and bland especially throughout the latter half of the game, though realistically she was hardly a problem. I just didn't resonate with her struggles I guess since I'm just so awesome and i have a lot of friends or whatever her back story was #CouldntBeMe. What is a problem is Maya because she is boring as fuck. Story implications aside, in IS I didn't really like her much and felt nothing when she died at the end of it, and her being a silent protagonist for some reason in this game didn't help that fact at all. Tatsuya also faces the same problems, but I ended up liking his character a lot more near the end because his problems, rather punishment, actually made sense in the end.

Loved that persona 1 shit though ill eat that up any day honestly that entire section with Nanjo was fucking awesome. Fucking love persona 1

Will forever be known to me as a game i played ONLY during every single one of my Jewish Studies lectures. Im not even Jewish so i cant begin to tell you how i ended up in that class but this was the only thing i looked forward doing at 10:55 - 11:30am tuesdays and thursdays every week. Today was my last day of class so it was either I beat the game today or i take another class about the Jewish religion. There was no better option.

Fun game though if not a little confusing at times which is why it took me so long to beat it, though the game does have hints which i used religiously because between learning about pangrea or whatever my professor was talking about and me not knowing the geography of Japan i couldnt hope to keep up... Then i would have had to take a second Jewish culture class. The zones are pretty open at times and normally i would find this to be boring but the music was very good so i didnt really care much... either that or i was just so bored that anything was entertaining. The tight corridor areas were extremely fucking annoying due to the god awful camera

This game also does that Final Fantasy V shit with the humor where they do an attempt at comedy and nobody laughs but instead of playing this it just plays a laugh track (<-- thats a laugh track in case any of you didnt know) and unfortunately im a sucker for shitty jokes so this appealed to me. I think beating this game was more of an accomplishment to me than completing the course