I'm an Australian 30-something trying to make time to build a home, read, work full time, and get through my games backlog.
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Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition
Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

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I'm glad I replayed this game before moving onto the other Supergiant games that I haven't yet played. I feel like I didn't really give Bastion a fair go way back in 2013 when I played it for the first and only time - my gametime was about half of what my playthrough was this time around, and I feel like I pretty much rushed through it and came away at the end with the impression that it was a banger soundtrack on a pretty boring game. I'm very glad I gave it another shot, because Supergiant managed to cram a surprisingly high quality little story into this game about a little guy hitting things with a hammer. I really love the art style (though it does sometimes become hard to tell when objects are collidable or not, leading to falling off the map a lot, for me anyway), and the presentation in general is excellent. Darren Korb's music is of course fantastic and is as big a highlight as I remember it being 11 years ago. Really keen to see how Supergiant evolved from Bastion with Transistor next. And for what it's worth, rescue and evac is the only true ending.

I'm torn on Citizen Sleeper cos I feel like it both really should have been longer and more complex than it was, while also having to admit that it provides a lot of content and is satisfying just the way it is. Really gorgeous artwork and general vibe to the game - I loved the mellow soundtrack and the generally melancholy-but-hopeful feel of the game. Really cute little storylines about finding home, and what home is to someone who isn't even at home in their own body. I can't imagine replaying it unless I wanted to knock off a few more achievements - but I don't think replayability is necessarily a must for a game like this. Nevertheless I'm very happy I finally got around to it, and I'm very excited about the prospect of Citizen Sleeper 2 being bigger and better.

For what it's worth, my favourite ending is 'STARWARD PASSAGE'.

I'm glad I played this! For a game from 31 years ago it actually feels really tight and responsive to play. I really like the neat real-time combat rather than the turn based I was expecting. It takes a little bit of getting used to the way that the menus work during combat but once you do it's quite smooth and flows well. The actual swinging-your-sword combat never felt fully right to me, I dunno if I was just missing some combat cues or something, but I was never sure whether I was actually going to hit an enemy or waste a swing. Jumping between that and the magic casting felt good, though. Pretty standard plot for a game of this era but it was a much bigger game than I was expecting. Definitely wasn't expecting Flammie and getting to freely fly around the planet. I liked the hints of post-apocalyptic setting that are teased, it's a little sad that the Mana games aren't all in the same world. Gorgeous graphics, and the soundtrack is an absolute banger. It was really disconcerting getting to hear a soundtrack 'live' which I've only ever heard through remixes up til now. Really fun game!