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booting this game up for the first time after finishing the ps1 games had me going wild over how much better it seemed at first, but after actually playing it for a short time you realize its... still basically the same game. this time however, it seems a lot more balanced, but i feel as if thats to its detriment since the previous games sort of masked some of their awful mission design with just how strong you could be, while this one is just brutal in an extremely frustrating way. unlike the previous games, i didnt 100% this one, the arena was far too difficult, maybe thats a skill issue though.

more of ac1 with a couple more awful missions but some improvements in other regards. kind of a sidegrade really

pretty fun though a little short, and very unbalanced. i had absolutely zero problems with every encounter in the game until the final boss which i had multiple attempts on with multiple different guns where i literally ran out of ammo without missing any shots and still didnt kill it, until i just used the finger which killed it in a few seconds.