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Moon: Remix RPG Adventure
Dragon Warrior VII
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Jun 08

Touhou Eiyashou: Imperishable Night
Touhou Eiyashou: Imperishable Night

Jun 08

Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom

Jun 08

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kingdom hearts goes so hard when you are no longer beholden to old expectations of lacking any semblance of childishness that the men and your peers in your life instilled in you growing up

in the span of a few years i went from being a teenager who hated tedium in video games regardless of how it served a narrative and also one who thought kingdom hearts was dumb as shit to now being an adult who loves any given method of tedium if used well to serve a narrative and also just a more fully realized person who's more comfortable with herself and interests. this all happening around the same time made it so that a replay of 358/2 days was maybe a perfect storm for getting me to hyperfixate on a series i might not have been very fair to in the past. if somebody tells you that the movie is a better way to experience 358/2 days, they're either a total liar or just not even remotely worth listening to. everyone complaining that the best kingdom hearts story is locked behind tedious game mechanics or whatever should just uhhhh get better at appreciating games as art or something

incredibly solid, fun, and charming but i can't help but feel like the monsters series of spinoffs are missing an undefinable "something" that the mainline series has and it makes it really hard for me to click with them. there's a lot thats good in these games to the point that i'll have fun with them for a dozen hours or so but not so much that i'm ever compelled to even get close to the finish line