Very cute game! Fun dialogue and really really cozy vibes.

I 100%ed this game during the pandemic. Embarassing

Made this rating after my main play through. I'm somewhat interested in exploring more outcomes, but I liked that this was a Choose Your Own Adventure where your choices actually did heavily impact the storyline. Went far into some character arcs I didn't care about, and not deep enough into other arcs I DID care about. Then again, perhaps my thoughts on this will change after exploring more. Overall, short game to plow through if you're in the mood for investing in a thriller for an evening.

Lol I don't know why but I love this one. I've been chipping away at it for years, on and off - and it's so clunky and buggy and strange but I love it.

I wanted to like this one a lot more, since on paper it is My Kind of Game, but it lacked focus and was really hard to keep me engaged. There were bits of it I did enjoy though!


Really beautiful artwork, interesting map! I enjoyed this one a decent amount.

So lovely and clever. Interesting story, great dialogue, cannot recommend it enough for a good co-op

Very fun with friends, a great test to see who in your life has good communication skills.

Fun gameplay, but not-so subliminal pedo vibes, with not-so great music selections. Seemed as though the game had no idea which direction it wanted to go in, as far as collections and rewards, etc.

I feel like the game had soooo much more potential, but it was ridiculously buggy and the camera controls were unhinged.

Cringe dialogue, but fabulous twists and turns! Easy gameplay, very comforting to play.

Delightfully satisfying, wish there was more variety in the daily tidy!

Super fun gameplay, but the monetization and demand for in-app purchases really throws off how otherwise great it is.