um im a girl who like piggies and games preferably at the same time.

Like if you've ever seen the Wind Waker piggies, they're some of my favorite creatures on the planet

anyway games. i forget games that i play a lot so i figured id log them here. i don't really do ratings, honestly i think reviews are better off without them.
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Imported this game for my PS3 for 80 bucks.

Was it worth it?

LOL fuck no this game had me convinced buyer's remorse wasn't a real thing.

I'm firmly convinced that Jump collaboration games are cursed to be just decent because it seems to be a trend that gets much worse later. Yes, this is a decent game. I will say though, this game is like...really cool.

The entire premise behind this game being just a celebration of Jump manga is wild. The team formation menu being a space where you fit together different manga panels that can even sometimes interact with each other and create bonuses is really cool. Unlocking characters and forms of characters through enhancing other characters related to them just feels like fanservice at times (in a good way).

For as just okay as this game is gameplay-wise, it's a lot better than the games that would come after, a good sequel to Super Stars, and the presentation is just fantastic. Kid me got such a kick out of the intro movies for the different series' planets and I even got into a few of them just because this game sold me on them. It's such a shame that this specific series of Jump games sunk because I would've loved to see more of this.

I think I tried to force myself to like this game because how unique it was as a concept. And it was unique!

Anyway, this game was ass and I would absolutely not recommend it. Just mod smash or something this game is not worth the time.