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What could have been a good investigative Cyberpunk game about big corporations was ultimately a very dull experience for me. The game consists of basically two modes of play: one where you hack into buildings to gather information and one where you interview people to present them with said information. The information gathering is unfortunately very repetitive and gets boring rather quickly. Talking to people isn't helped by the generally bad writing and the annoying protagonist in particular. As one of the characters in the game fittingly puts it: "My god, you are tough to talk to". The game is based on you making choices, but I was constantly presented with the choice of being an asshole or being an asshole.

I spent more time in between levels looking through my parts than I spent time with the actual levels. Also, I had to choose one of 25 different perks when I started the game for the first time. Not for people who suffer from analysis paralysis

I’m gonna make it short: I think Tears of the Kingdom is better than Breath of the Wild in almost every aspect. And especially the creative freedom in solving puzzles and traversing the landscape feels unprecedented. Unfortunately, however, I did not enjoy the dungeons and I think Nintendo still hasn’t figured out a way to marry the player freedom with satisfying puzzle design in the dungeons. Visually they are impressive, but mechanically they are just bland. Speaking of bland, the underground is another huge region that I never really enjoyed going into. Which brings me to my actual problem: the game is just way way too big. 85 hours in I have seen about half of the map. I mean, it’s great and it’s fun, but I have a life, Nintendo!