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The Big Catch: Tacklebox
The Big Catch: Tacklebox

Jun 14

Mario Kart: Blazing Wheels
Mario Kart: Blazing Wheels

Jun 14

Fortnite: Chapter 5 - Season 3: Wrecked
Fortnite: Chapter 5 - Season 3: Wrecked

Jun 12

Super Star Path
Super Star Path

Jun 10

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

Jun 09

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I couldn't underpay my workers. MY IMMERSION IS RUINED!!!

After spending close to 90 hours on this game I feel entitled to at least write-up a review encompassing this close to 100 hour game. I genuinely love this franchise, spending my entire time in a pandemic locked up binging through Kiryu's tale.

With the new setting of Honolulu itself is as massive as is Ijincho. Infinite Wealth mirrors a lot of it's previous titles in the franchise and proudly establishes it on its chest. from it's "dual protagonists" in its two massive cities it bounces back and forth between each chapter of Yakuza 0. To the overwhelming sized of content it's know to have, and even going further releases like Yakuza 5, and it's much appreciated polish to fix up the slow beats of its previous title the sophomoric time at the turn-based system that divided many in Like a Dragon. It's all amazing, wonderful, and cheerful as the protagonist Ichiban himself is.