i got so good at the dragon equipment crafting minigame

better than the original in every way except it didn't have boxing which i liked a lot.

great game, wish it had more to it but it was a pack-in title so whatever

remember when i said mario and sonic olympic games was the goat of party games? i was actually lying, this is the goat of all party games.

POS game, mario isn't fun, never even got past like the first quarter

good, but not as good as double dash or mario kart 8. the haters will want me dead but its true

almost as good as the original, just more convoluted i think so it was harder which isn't great for a party game

in terms of content this is better than the original lego star wars games by a lot. also i really liked the open battlefield combat levels I'd play them with my brother and kick his ass all the time until he got tired of it.

really good game for what it was.

this might be the goat of all party games, that's all.

this game was the biggest betrayal of my life up to that point i think. They cut the Wii from the ports without telling anyone in advertising and they sold a shitty racing game for the Wii instead. saddest experience of my life, I wanted an actual game. i did not play imaginators after this shit.

performance on the Wii started to chug noticeably even to my 11 year old self and it was getting pretty stale altogether. in terms of gameplay though i think this one was the best. the haters will kill me but i know im right

they were getting more creative with the toys but the hype was dying down. i was still a diehard though so I couldn't complain

the hype from the first game was all there, and it got bigger if anything. they started selling way cooler figures for i think the same price as the originals but I could be wrong.

shitty game with insane hype built around the toys. playing this with friends was craaaaaazy FeelsStrongMan