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While Rune Factory: Frontier required too much farm management, this one over-corrects by now having most of the farming done automatically by monsters. There's still not much dialogue and not many dungeons however, so all this extra free time just makes it clear how little else there is to do.

If you want to micro-manage you farm to get crops that grow incredibly quickly then this is the game for you. If you just want to do the basic farming required in the rest of the series in order to focus on the dungeons on characters then this is not the game for you. I beat the game but stopped playing it as soon as I beat the story and got married because the amount of work just to farm was too much for me to continue.

My favorite games are text heavy JRPGs, yet I thought this was just okay. The combat is fairly shallow. There's few orbment slots which are basically your sole method of customization as the equipment is mostly linear upgrades. The gameplay involves a lot of backtracking to talk to specific people.
The storytelling reminded me more of Western RPGs. There's a bigger focus on the setting than any individual characters. This works in Western RPGs as they tend to have a short main quest, meaning you only do the side quests that you care about. This doesn't work for me in JRPG, as the linear main quest means that there's a ton of information that I don't care about.
If you love lore and fairly standard JRPG combat that doesn't get in the way of the tons of text, then this is the game for you.