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One of my best friends hates this game and so I'm giving it a 5 to spite him.
I'm no longer spiting him. I still feel positive about this game even after years but there's some things that turn it off from being an ideal zelda experience. The first being there's not really that many (mandatory) dungeons in this game at least compared to how many there are in others, and this is due to the fact instead of just going to dungeons they'll want you to be sailing around the great sea to find everything. While I do enjoy this aspect of the game I also really don't like how on-rails sailing is until you've already done the tower of gods which is a solid chunk into the game. Treasure maps and Sea charts are fun on their own but requiring story progress behind finding specific charts and then having to pay a metric assload of money that you'll only really have on hand if you found both wallet upgrades isn't exceptional design either. Honestly I think it's a game I like sidequesting in more, but I'd still default to something like Majora's Mask that has fun sidequests as well as a good main quest. I want to put it higher due to my time with it as a child but I also can't say it's a zelda game I've replayed much y'know.

Loved this one. I remember playing this shit and then auditioning for a screaming band by calling up a guy and then singing into his voicemail. One of the cringest moments of my life I think, thanks pacman

Tetsuya Takahashi: "i skimmed the abstract of like 5 different philosophy books and arthur c clarke novels and i'm here to just vomit all that back at you for 70 hours without saying anything meaningful about any of it"
Me: "sounds bad"
Tetsuya Takahashi: "i've also included kung-fu and robots"
Me: "sounds sick"
Yoko Taro: (furiously taking notes)

Love Live! made me realize I like women

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