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I am really hoping the devs iterate on this in a future game. They already have a lot going right with this but god the level objective and boss variety is such a drawback for long-term replayability (such as clearing the Spire with every Weapon).

Even just one different objective type and an alternate final boss would've gone a long way.

At least they did something new and didn't just make another Splatformer with re-skinned Octarians again.

Overall, just likes the other Drayano hacks, the biggest appeal is the overall increased Trainer/Boss difficulty and significantly wider selection of catchable mons. The latter of which was always my least favourite part of GSC/HGSS - just how low the mon variety is (including several Johto lines!). Well, this fixed that. Thank You Drayano!

Though the level curve still raises my eyebrows. There were multiple times where I had to grind mons 10levels below my team for 10+mins, to keep up with some of the harder gym leaders (as well as a tricky fight with Giovanni).

I dropped this mainly bc Clair's Kingdra completely decimates my mono Rock team. Even my higher Sp Def. mons like Tyranitar and Omastar get 2 hit KO'd. My only solution was to bring Lileep and Shuckle out and grind them. But I didn't feel like doing that.

Whenever I want to experience Johto again, it'll be through this hack for sure. But maybe with a better rounded team lmao.

for the past year or two I've been increasingly more cynical of turn-based games from a gameplay perspective (ignore the Pokemon pfp). but it's nice now and then to play one that makes you try. it's nice now and then to play one where each of your party members and each of their moves and abilities really feel like they need to pull their weight. it's nice now and then to play one where there is actual level design and puzzles.

also at this point I've realized random encounters are 100x better if you have a meter telling you when you're about to encounter another ..encounter. it makes the pacing of exploration feel infinitely better.

EO5's overall polish, including being much less grindy and slow paced than the previous EOs I've tried, makes me feel comfortable in saying this is one of my absolute favourite Atlus games alongside SMT Strange Journey and SMT Nocturne

if you're interested in EO but aren't interested in playing all of them and just want to try the "best ones", I feel like a lot of fans including me would point to this one