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i'm quite photophobic and get motion sick easily in games, so everything i play should be pretty friendly for those who are similar!!! 🤍✨

definitely not properly keeping track of anything by date
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i've written this review multiple times and each time I've somehow lost my writing... it has been a few months spent enamored with baldurs gate three and audio dramas, but let's try a third time!!

a very cute little game with unexpectedly emotional moments! i quickly came to love (and worry for) its unique and entertaining characters. plus it was all wonderfully queer! it was fun to vibe with.

seeing the slight differences in the loops also felt satisfying. the effectiveness of timeloop repetition surprised me - while at times it felt a bit boring or frustrating, it puts you directly into sif's experience... so i think it still did what it set out to do. it's a cool way to emulate lived experience and there's an understanding of mental health that i didn't anticipate. it was well worth the four hour playthrough.

i don't know if i will pick up the full game, however. the short playtime felt perfectly suited to its message and i think repeating dungeons and dialogue for much longer would eventually lose my attention. ...i do have adhd, though. others might really enjoy it!

i am but yet another to encounter a game breaking glitch - there weren't enough save slots for me to have proper backups, on top of having to reload earlier a few times when things got glitchy, so just be aware of the risks when you spend the money!!!

it's supposedly quite compelling and there's lots of love in it, so i might go back later? but how frustrating!

i played all three routes and had a lovely time! simple in some ways, but the writing style i found interesting and i love a story that aims to never hold my hand, just my heart. plus pulverizing my brain into oblivion with noise music while doing cute gay things is maybe one of my natural states of being