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First and foremost:
If you want to play this game without any external help (like I did), you can totally do it. Don't let other people tell you this game is ridiculously obtuse, it's really not. However, the English translation omitted a single line that does make one part basically impossible without lots of random guessing. I promise it won't spoil the experience, but in case you don't want to see it, I advise you stop reading here.
The one thing the English translation omits that makes an unguided playthrough extremely annoying is "Dempou Soccer". That's it. More specifically, a computer should say "Dempou Soccer" on its screen. That's enough for you to complete the game now. Have fun.
By the way, if you play on emulator, I recommend allowing yourself to use savestates BUT ONLY after first experiencing the game for a few hours. Abusing them will diminish the experience, but some bits of this game are easy to fail and agonizingly slow to return to to try again.
I think the devs must have known how brutal each mis-step could be, and if one chose to avoid the consequences of a mis-step by save-scumming, how meticulously boring and tedious it would be to head to a save location, save, quit, and reload the game. On the GAME OVER screen, your twitching, heartbroken body routinely gets kicked by one of the teachers, followed by them walking away and leaving you there in the dust. It's a pretty accurate summary of how this game treats the player at times.
However, Chulip is a genuinely wonderful game. Like Backseat Gamer said in his analysis video of the game, Chulip is (probably accidentally) a great detective game. And unlike most of the most popular detective games, there is so much information to learn that won't help you progress, but will enrich your experience. The characters become more than NPCs, they become more like people, with their own lives and own problems and own passions. And you will want to understand them and you will want to help them and it's easier to forgive them for the way they act towards you at first.

A strange one. I love these early games that try to figure out how to play with a new medium (PS1/3D graphics) and sometimes stumble into brilliance and sometimes completely miss the mark. You get a good amount of both with Tomba, but the things they got right are more memorable than what they got wrong.
The event system is odd by today's standards but honestly I wonder why it never caught on. I was always happy to see another event message pop up and completing another event for the list was just as satisfying. Sometimes the event names/descriptions really hung you up to dry, and without using a guide it can be frustrating to run into the right NPC or small room to progress the game.
I really liked this game despite it's flaws and am looking forwards to playing the sequel;

This game made me love geography and care about understanding where places in the world are. And it still kicks ass. I would instantly play and get addicted to a modern version of this (YES I KNOW ABOUT GEOGUESSR THATS NOT WHAT I MEAN)