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Ok, it's the inevitable cross between Bike Racing games and QWOP, I think?

I love the concept, and I love that it's a mobile game with no ads or popups! It's pure game! Why is that rare nowadays?

However, the QWOPification of its bike physics makes it unfortunately, just as horribly frustrating as QWOP when you are trying to actually get somewhere. Getting through the levels is one thing, trying to beat the "Super Nice!" time limit is insane for some levels, and requires you to master these weird controls that never seem to cooperate just right. I wanted to tilt my phone so bad. Why didn't this game take advantage of the accelerometer?

This game made me want to download Bike Race again.

(So I downloaded Bike Race again, and no surprise, it feels so much better, makes me want to play more because I can actually see what's coming ahead and can land jumps. But it's filled with microtransactions and ads. Ugh.)

This review contains spoilers

When you play this game, try to image the room as a cube. Or, if you see it as a cube, picture it as a room.