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Turn based things CANNOT be both difficult and overly time consuming! They! Cannot!!! When it comes time to engage with a challenge properly and get comfy in the trial and error game, trying to deduce through the SPIDERWEB of moves to make is FAR less inviting when you've gotta sit through the same slow animations and enemy motions over and over to do it!

Do! Not!! Do that!!! It is not okay!!!!!!!!!! DO not do that!!!!!!!

The fact that this game includes exactly ONE additional speed option for it to run at is DERANGED. Like a BAD JOKE, man... No WAY they tested how it feels to ACTUALLY play it through all the way. Especially on Hard Mode! Or when it decides to just get tough in general and demands some retries!! I DIG the high difficulty, but it's JUST too. slow! Give me some more options here!! Let me hold a button down to trigger a fast forward or something! I wanna keep making new moves and trying the RPG things! I'm trYING to love you, BUT YoU'RE NOT LETTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OTHER THAN THAT THO - YEAH the game is SOMEHOW, ACTUALLY totally fantastic... Those 'slow ass animations' and the sound design associated all feel GREAT. The amount of fun RPG depth to learn and engage with is AWESOME. A little BUSY and cluttered at times, but it all works! It's good stuff!! CRAzy how just one big oversight though can so easily turn a stellar time into something so potentially insufferable...... NO WONDER no one's played it. The sheer DEAD AIR that you HAVE to put up with JUST ISN'T reasonable in the long run!

It's unfortunate! But T H A N K F U L L Y ~ ! We clever witches can dodge this shortsighted design forced upon us by the FOOLISH Fae Tactics devs by simply loading up 'CHEAT ENGINE', hitting like - two buttons, and BAM: The gameplay experience is just SAVED, and you can set how fast it runs at to whatever you want! All without breaking the audio or logic or anything!!! What amazing technology, right?? Kinda sucks to try and recommend a thing with seemingly a gigantic caveat like that, but it is what it is!!!

There's something really great and satisfying here, but it CANNOT be recommended without that speedup shit!! Game developers!!! Play test your games!!! PLEase!!!!!!!

TWEWY og was a little mashy with how you could just kinda scribble around and roll the D-pad to get by but SHit man at least it was NOVEL with that weird ass DS as hell multitasking game it asked of you and wasn't just some lame and conventional button mashing arena fighter type shit where your guys flew around and auto locked onto the enemies for you.

I hardly have to even PLAY the fuggin game dude scrEW this. it's just not WEIRD anymore. what's the POINT. BOOOOOOORING.


Kinda weird and unwieldy!! JUST the way I like it!!!! A fun little auto-battler optimizing adventure but DAMN is the language sure fucked!!!

"Add50" ?? "Left Bchip Attack" ??? WHAT are you trying to tell me with all these vague keywords...And wHY is the Speed Stat for moves just... HIDDEN from you!!??? Use your text better!! There was TOTALLY enough room to fit all the key information without truncating it into nonsense!!! Rough!!!

The chip control mod that lets you manually pick your attack routes instead of it all just being RANDOM is an absolute MUST for proper engagement and decision making fun. Emulator speedup too! Watching the same animations over and over... yeahyeahyeah you can imagine what that's like. Geez! SOUNDS like a bit of a mess, right? Fair decent amount of good ideas though! I might just steal a few.....

Leave it to Ring! :D