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Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Episode 4 - Alliance of the Golden Witch
Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Episode 4 - Alliance of the Golden Witch

Sep 17

One Step From Eden
One Step From Eden

Sep 12

Touhou Yumejikuu: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
Touhou Yumejikuu: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream

Sep 08

Endless Monday: Dreams and Deadlines
Endless Monday: Dreams and Deadlines

Sep 04

Touhou Fuumaroku: The Story of Eastern Wonderland
Touhou Fuumaroku: The Story of Eastern Wonderland

Sep 01

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a chaotic yet mindless sort of fun. THOUGH I LIKED IT QUITE A BIT I feel it doesn't truly incentivize the same level of focus somethinglike my favorite battle network moments demand, and therefore isn't as engaging!
with soo many movements and effects flickering around at once - you kind of just default to big AOE spams and focusing exclusively on the obvious 'INCOMING ATTACK ON THIS SPACE' warning lights after awhile. as opposed to ya know attacking with consistent PURPOSE and more naturally darting your eyes from yourself and the tangible enemy hitboxes to dodge things. I never like that! that kind of simplicity it can all boil down to is like cheating at game design!!!!!!!
killing anime people is also morally WRONG??? gimme a break...
the meme-y flavor text and meta tongue in cheek shit also sends me pretty hard into the "this comes off corny and lame!" groan zone!! why would you forsake having more of your own identity for some ez references instead??? the MEDIA INSPIRED '''world-building''' almost reminds of RWBY, man..... (DEROGATORY)

TOP CLASS Battle Networking experience even the sorta unfinished nature and lack of lategame polish can't bring down!!!
"Are you an idiot?!" You've GOTTA play this ... I don't EVEN know anything about 'Too-Hoo'!

seemingly pivots its unhealthy painting of CHUUNIBYOU-ISMS and such as actually totally alright and not worth examining at all. shut up and wield your magic sword; there are pretty women out there who LOVE YOU for no reason!!!
it's all fun and games about getting into the headspace of a real anxiety ridden, delusional NEET boy and maybe learning to better ourselves..... at least until the thing decides to just lose its fucking mind and totally forgoes that potentially relatable human feeling shit for an unironic power fantasy about ACTUALLY saving the world from evil mind-control corporations.
seriously tho??? even when the story already SHOWED US just how stupid it sounds to be so paranoid and self important thinking??????? what a fumble...
i think every so-so vn I've ever read has been bolstered up a few points now that I have this nothing burger of an experience to compare to. you are NOT valid in your delusions, kids. grow up and learn how to talk to people. please!