i like video games, ok?

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Silhouette Mirage
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Caves of Qud
Rain World
Rain World
Kentucky Route Zero
Kentucky Route Zero
Super Metroid
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Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo
Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo

May 10

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i like my lovers like i like my substandard msx scrolling shooters.....

not very good, but in a way that kind of rules? it feels pretty horrible and the level design is monstrous, but there's funny monsters and a suprisingly unique combat system. it has a sprawling and sometimes jazzy soundtrack despite having the aesthetics of a bad power metal album. i dunno, there is something admirable about any moment in history that can birth games that are both basically trash but also surprising and novel. like hell yeah nastar, sure, i dont give a shit about your greased-up beefcake but im glad youre going for it and you've done gone slathered the boy up