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This game is both bleak and hopeful in many different ways.
But knowing what happened to the creator this game feels like it takes on a new meaning, especially with the Buddy and the baker.
I can't rate it because it just feels so personal, especially now

What you get out this game will be very different person to person, and I will warn that what you might get out of it might be entirely negative. The risk of works that are so personal and heavy is the tightrope of whatever it might handle making any personal, individualistic reactions varied.

I am not a depressive person, I have never had depression or anything of the sort, and I found myself feeling a oppressive sadness from this game. I can't Imagine what that might feel like for someone in a different position than me. I can't reccomend this game to anyone that isn't in a good enough position to handle it.

This is art made by somebody who needed to create something. Art shouldn't always be a source of comfort, art is a outlet by which we examine ourselves.

May Robert Brock rest in peace.

a product of a masterpiece case study in how anime and lack of outside human contact can completely ruin a human being. really makes you think.

bad story with easy levels. cutscenes kinda carried it and i like the design. great game for porn addicts though!

SONIC the HEDGEHOG. One of the GREATEST and MOST ATTRACTIVE characters ever thought up. He can run at sound speed, take out enemies in a FLASH, and BEST OF ALL, he's BLUE colored and knows how to handle the FEMALES. SPEAKING of females, the Sonic universe might be classified as HOT CHICK HEAVEN, cause there's such a mess of very BEAUTIFUL and TOUGH women, that it'll make you love the franchise EVEN MORE. And since VALENTINES DAY is around the corner, I've been inspired to make a TOP TEN list of the most BEAUTIFUL female Sonic characters. Grab yourself a SNACK and a glass of ORANGE JUICE, and TRY not to reach through the screen because HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Look at this SJW soyboy they put on the cover lmao

I cannot give this masterpiece of horror enough praise for its psychological horror story, use of symbolism and taboo topics, overall atmosphere, graphics, monster designs, soundtrack and sound design. It is undeniably one of the greatest horror games ever made and among the greatest games of all time, as well as a key example of video games as an art form.

i dont even know how to explain i have 200 hours in a game that takes 1 to beat

I mean like it's bad on purpose idk what else to tell you

hmmm today I will bully one of my buddies into playing Danganronpa

1. he thinks the first game is fine, down to continue the rest of the franchise after a fishy QR code download for the entire series is the Twitter meme of the week
2. He insists on doing UDG, even though I tell him we could skip it if he wants
3. bring up a segment in chapter 3 is the reason this game didn't get a Switch port and don't elaborate. This causes the stream to get too many viewers, some of which know nothing about Danganronpa, out of morbid curiosity
4. The January 26, 2022 Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls Incident.

If you like an absolutely morally repugnant game that forces you to choose between becoming either a theatre kid or a band kid then DNI

Brilliant deconstruction of violence in video games, portraying it as a monotonous and never ending cycle through meticulously crafted rout maps with constant reinforcements

Discord gifs are the most reliable source of games critique

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There's a minigame to stop getting sexually assaulted.